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  • User Manual for Linux Clients 
    User guide to setup zmanda clients and start taking back up from RHEL, CentOS,Fedora etc. Linux servers. This document covers the pre and post installation checklists for individual Linux operating systems and how to add the servers in Zmanda Management Console.
  • Spectra and Zmanda Solution Brief
    Zmanda and Spectra Logic together, address the data management and storage needs associated with explosive data growth. Zmanda and Spectra combine fast installation, simplified management, enterprise-class functionality and costeffective storage to deliver a fully integrated solution for data protection. Spectra Logic disk and tape products provide a scalable, cost-effective data management platform to address considerable storage and performance requirements.
  • Introduction to Amanda Enterprise 
    This guide provides a technical overview of Amanda Enterprise. It describes design and operations of Amanda Enterprise and how it is unique in its ease of use, flexibility and scalability.
  • Cost-Effective Data Protection for Microsoft Windows Environments 
    This guide discusses the challenges of protecting Microsoft Windows files, databases, and email applications within a heterogeneous IT environment; and demonstrates how Amanda Enterprise, combined with its clients and agents, provides a powerful, low-cost solution.
  • vTape Planning Guide 
    This guide will help you install and set-up backup to disk utilizing vTapes in Amanda Enterprise. It outlines considerations that need addressing and provides a methodology for determining optimal vTape values. It also addresses some of the questions that arise when deploying vTape backups.
  • Hardware Acceleration for Amanda Enterprise Backup 
    This guide shows how Amanda Enterprise can be easily integrated with hardware acceleration cards to reduce the backup window without using more CPU resources. Amanda Enterprise’s flexible architecture allows hardware accelaration cards from Indra Networks to compress and encrypt backup images. The guide also provides backup run performance measurements with the hardware acceleration cards.
  • Integration of Data Domain systems with Amanda Enterprise 
    This how-to document explains how to configure and integrate Data Domain systems with Amanda Enterprise. Data Domain deduplication storage systems dramatically reduce the amount of disk storage needed to store backup archives.
  • Configuring Sun StorageTek SL500 tape library for Amanda Enterprise 
    Sun StorageTek SL500 is a modular and scalable tape library. This document shows how to configure Amanda Enterprise to use a SL500 library.

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