Press Release: Zmanda Announces Two New Partnerships in Malaysia and Argentina

Press Release Zmanda Announces Two New Partnerships in Malaysia and Argentina

Denver, COOctober 14, 2019 - Zmanda Backup and Recovery is starting October off with a bang by introducing two new reseller partnerships, Zeeb and ITDix.

Just as Zmanda has been working to develop a strong open-source community, they have been working just as hard to build strong partnerships in the enterprise backup community, and these new partnerships prove that they are committed to ensuring Zmanda enterprise backup solutions are readily available to clients across all continents.

“Zmanda continues to expand its global partner network with the addition of two new partners.  Zeeb is an IT solutions provider based in Malaysia specializing in Enterprise Open Source and Cloud Solutions and ITDix HQ is in Argentina. ITDix provides support in Information Technology to professionals, SMEs, companies and state agencies while offering information security projects and infrastructure management.  We are very excited to add them to the Zmanda partner family.”

– Jeremy Quinn | Zmanda Team

Zmanda is a heavy hitter when it comes to affordable and reliable backup and recovery. They have been a trusted name in the backup industry for more than 2 decades.

These partnerships will ensure that Zmanda’s product line will be readily available for enterprise companies across Argentina and Malaysia. Making backup easier than ever before with features like intelligent scheduler, easy recovery of data, free 24x7 phone and email support, and the ability to back up unlimited amounts of data.

“We at Zeeb are very excited to be partnered with Zmanda as their open source-based backup & recovery products are gaining traction among our customers and we would able to bring them onboard to this cost-effective solution.”


About Zmanda, The Leader in Open Source Backup: 

Zmanda | Cloud and Open Source Backup and Recovery SoftwareZmanda is the world’s leading provider of open source backup and recovery software. Our open source development and distribution model enables us to deliver the highest quality backup software such as Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL at a fraction of the cost of software from proprietary vendors. Our simple-to-use yet feature-rich backup software is complemented by top-notch services and support expected by enterprise customers. Zmanda is a BETSOL product.

About Zeeb

Zeeb | Partnerships with Zmanda

Zeeb is a company based in Kuala Lumpur and was founded specifically to develop and grow open-source and cloud-based products and technologies in the commercial and public sectors.

Their core philosophy is that there is an underserved market for open source enterprise clients who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner that is able to provide easy and hassle-free subscriptions and renewal services, efficient and professional audit services, skilled and capable technical services and support, official and certified professional training.

As open source and cloud technologies become more prevalent, the need for these services becomes all the more important and critical and it is these roles that Zeeb strives to fill for open source and cloud client base.

About ITDix

IT DIX | Partnership with ZmandaITDix was born in 1994. They offer Information Security Projects, Infrastructure Management, Startup and Project Monitoring under ITIL, CMMI and PM standards and Strategic Plans in Information Technology.


To learn more about Zmanda’s Partnership Program click here.

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