Press Release: Zmanda Partners with Spectra Logic


Zmanda partners with Spectra Logic: Versatile storage solutions opening doors to new opportunities.

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – 10/19/2018 Through this new strategic partnership, Zmanda will be better equipped to provide a substantial edge and stand out in the market, thus providing customers with innovative data storage solutions.

Zmanda, a pioneer in open-source backup and disaster-recovery solutions, has joined forces with Spectra Logic to reinforce its enterprise data backup solutions. This partnership will provide Zmanda customers with a diverse choice of data storage solutions.

About the Partnership

Spectra Logic is the global leader in data storage solutions. They are trusted for providing groundbreaking, cost-effective data storage solutions for the modern data center. Their enhanced and updated tape libraries are capable of storing large amounts of data. This benefits customers that specialize in scientific research, media & entertainment, government officials and public cloud environments. Improved performance, lower storage costs, and increased up-time are some of the main highlights of these tape libraries.

Zmanda’s partnership with Spectra Logic provides unrivaled options for data backup and resiliency. Together the collaboration will allow the service providers and customers to store and backup their valuable data in the most secure and cost-effective way.

With Zmanda, customers have flexible options to back up their vital data. This includes tapes, disks, optical devices, and over the internet to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). As an outcome of this partnership, the Spectra Logic tape drive will be one of the most rugged and reliable options for customers to back up their data. Customers will no longer have to deal with the headaches of installing and configuring, or worrying about compatibility. The end user will have the easy task of plugging in, and the rest is done. They now have cost-effective and a reliable data backup and recovery solutions at their fingertips.

 “Customers need reliability for their data management solutions, and that is exactly what we are providing with this partnership,” said Pavan Raj, Sr. Account Manager, Zmanda. “Spectra Logic’s data storage products complimented by Zmanda will provide a complete, profound long-term data backup solution.”

Benefits for Zmanda and partners

Zmanda will now be available as an integrated backup plugin alongside Spectra Logic as a storage solution. The highlight of this partnership is that if you are a service provider or a customer no matter what is the size of your data-set, it will get backed up in no time for long-term, and at an affordable cost. Zmanda, an open-source backup software along with the Spectra Logic tape libraries makes an incredible combination for the partners to attract more users thus by creating additional revenue.

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