See Zmanda Backup and Recovery in Action

Zmanda Backup and Recovery In Action | Zmanda

Zmanda Backup and Recovery has some awesome features. 

See them in action below!    

Awesome features.

  • No proprietary formats No vendor lock-ins enable you to restore data even after a license expires.
  • Cost effective Charges are not based on the amount of data processed.
  • AI Back Up Scheduler Our scheduler automatically determines backup levels to optimize network and storage usage. Administrators can better plan their daily activities.
  • Multiple encryption options No security surprises.
  • Vaulting A backup of your backup! Gives you the ability to store off-site.
  • Support Know that no matter what happens the Zmanda support team is here to help, offering 24x7x365 support. You will be able to speak directly with knowledgeable and friendly engineers.

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