Introducing Zmanda 4.1, Your New Superpower

New Zmanda 4.1 offers seamless support for Vault in AWS Cloud Storage, VMware file-level recovery, containerized deployments, Azure Cloud Storage support for backup, and so much more.

A new era of backup and disaster recovery is here. Say hello to Zmanda 4.1, a solution that delivers a comprehensive ecosystem for all your complex backup and disaster recovery needs. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have with us, Zmanda 4.1, which enables you to experience data throughputs like never before, improves your administrative efficiency, simplifies your cloud journey, and further protects you in the event of a disaster or ransomware attack.

This release equips Zmanda 4.1 with seamless support for vaulting in AWS Cloud Storage, powerful VMware file-level recovery, support for lighting-fast containerized deployments, Azure Cloud Storage support for backup, and so much more.

Here Are Some of the New Features Introduced in This Release

So, we took a hard look at the core ideal of Zmanda: the superpower for all your enterprise backup and recovery needs. We asked ourselves how we’d make something that’s already so powerful, powerfully big. We watched as Zmanda reinvented itself into the all-new Zmanda 4.1. A solution with robust new functionalities built for any type of data protection that would change the fate of enterprise backup and disaster recovery. Check out some of the highlights included in this feature release 4.1.

Lightning-Fast Containerized Deployments

Bigger than bigger. This has been the cornerstone for every innovation explored at Zmanda. In this dot release, we are taking you into the future, giving you the ultimate superpower, empowering you with seamless, lightning-fast containerized deployments. Because Kubernetes are here to stay. Zmanda 4.1 provides you with the most comprehensive and flexible solutions for containers that secure your Kubernetes-native workloads, on-premises, and multi-cloud environments. With Zmanda 4.1’s centralized management, flexibility through integrations, and fast data throughputs, you have nothing to worry about. Step into the time machine with us and experience the innovation of the future.

Flawless Support for Vaulting in AWS Cloud Storage

Zmanda is known for giving enterprises and their essential data an extra layer of protection with vaulting. We have built deep integrations and made this highly popular feature available for all your storage targets, including AWS cloud storage. Zmanda 4.1’s fine-grain control now also allows you to run vaulting for AWS with an incredible range of Backup Level and Backup Run Range options. This way you can choose only those backup sets you want to run vault jobs at any time you want.

Instant VMware File-Level Recovery Powered by Zmanda

Built on Zmanda, our new approach helps enterprises break free from the past. Zmanda 4.1 now equips you with instant restores of files or folders from VMware without having to stage the backup itself, saving you time. Zmanda Management Console can seamlessly recover files and folders from the Zmanda server’s temporary path to any custom location without hassle. Yes, it’s that simple, file-level recovery for your VMware. Zmanda just keeps getting better.

Harness the Power of Azure Cloud Storage

With Zmanda 4.1, you can store data long-term by leveraging the powerful storage efficiency of Azure Cloud Storage. It lets you solve critical data management backup and recovery issues by using Azure with Zmanda 4.1. This native integration will speed data migration into Azure. This also helps you eliminate the need for tape libraries, transportation logistics, and your next storage hardware refresh or forklift upgrade. With Zmanda built-in, you can now easily back up all your mission-critical data to Azure Cloud.

Get Started Today

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You can now move to Zmanda 4.1 at the same cost you’re currently on, so rest assured that everything you’ve come to love about Zmanda 4.0.1 will work exactly the same way in Zmanda 4.1. You will now have the option to explore and get started with the new features, capabilities, and your new superpower in a container in the coming days. For more details on the migration and changes, check out Zmanda Wiki.

Zmanda’s mission is to strive and set the standard for data protection through continuous backups, innovative disaster recovery, and seamless hybrid cloud solutions. We can’t wait for you to try Zmanda 4.1 and see how it can help unlock the high velocity of your data protection and digital transformation journeys.

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