Introducing Zmanda 4.2: A Revolutionary Backup & Recovery Solution for Your Enterprise

Zmanda 4.2 Release

Key Features and Enhancements

Zmanda 4.2 is here to make the enterprise backup facile and convenient. The 4.2 release offers:

  • Immutable Backups
  • Global Exclusion Policies for Linux Backups
  • New Zmanda Setup Utility for Bulk Actions
  • Enhanced Security
  • Compatibility with RHEL 9, Rocky Linux 9, Debian 11, and Windows 11 Operating Systems


At Zmanda, we strive hard to deliver the updates that can help our customers solve their specific enterprise backup needs. And the need of the hour is to accommodate the scaling of businesses without compromising on data protection, backup, and recovery. This brings us joy to introduce our new release that incorporates highly requested features and prominent enhancements.

Introducing Zmanda 4.2, a backup solution as revolutionary as you are. The remarkable features of this 4.2 release include; immutable backups to protect against ransomware and Global Exclusion Policies to avoid manual exclusion of files.

Zmanda 4.2 also provides bulk actions setup utility enabling faster and seamless backup, protection against security vulnerabilities, and wider compatibility with RHEL 9, Rocky Linux 9, Debian 11, and Windows 11 operating systems. These features make Zmanda easy to use, easy to scale and keep you free from ransomware attacks.

So, let’s catch a glimpse of all the new features and enhancements of Zmanda 4.2.

Discover Outstanding New Features and Enhancements of Zmanda 4.2

Gated Security for Ransomware with Immutable Backups

Immutable Backup | Zmanda 4.2

We always ensure your valuable data is secure during transit and at rest with our incredible ransomware protection feature. However, like always, we wanted to provide something more.

Our development and QA team joined forces to not only provide you with all-around ransomware protection but also threat protection and 360-degree compliance with the brand-new immutable backups feature.

We wanted to make a difference in the enterprise data protection ecosystem and help companies not succumb to paying ransom anymore. And with Zmanda 4.2, we made that possible. Your valuable data on AWS and Wasabi cloud is made immutable, which means your backup file cannot be altered in any way. You have an option to lock the backups for the desired time without any hassle in these cloud storage via ZMC. 

As the immutable backup feature retains accurate copies of data, your organization can adhere to regulatory data compliance requirements. 

Time to say goodbye to all your concerns about backed-up data with Zmanda 4.2.

Run Mission-Critical Workloads With Global Exclusion Policies on Linux Systems

Global Exclusion Policy | Zmanda 4.2

Isn’t it tedious to exclude specific files and folders every time the backup is initiated? We finally got a fix for this with all-new Global Exclusion Policies in Zmanda 4.2.

The new release enables you to create global policies to exclude specific files and folders using full paths or regular expressions. Zmanda 4.2 makes it possible to create exclusion policies at the global level for Linux clients. The Global Exclusion Policy feature enables you to use one exclude policy for 100s of Linux sources. You no longer need to add manual exclusion paths to Linux sources.

For example, you can exclude paths like /lib, /media, /mnt, /sbin, /bin, /srv, /sys, or /tmp from your Linux backups to avoid unwanted files/folders in the targeted storage. Exclusion of all these unwanted paths for multiple systems in an organization will not only save media space but will also save the time required to restore data during outages.

Thanks to this reimagined solution, you can run mission-critical workloads and yield more streamlined backups in your environment.

Shielded Against Vulnerabilities with Enhanced Security

Protecting your backed-up data against any security vulnerabilities has always been one of our prime focuses. And with the new Zmanda 4.2 release, our development team made sure that the backed-up data is not exposed to attackers, ransomware, and malware in any way. 

The Zmanda components are upgraded to harden the product against security vulnerabilities. 4.2 version of Zmanda has surpassed its security standard with the Django version upgrade. 

With the rise in cyber attacks, this upgrade was something your enterprise backup environment needed. You can now have a more secure, impenetrable, and protected environment for your backups with Zmanda. 

Compatible with New Versions of Operating Systems

A newer version of an operating system is released every now and then. And at Zmanda, we want our customers to stay updated with technology. Therefore, with every release, we make sure our compatibility is broadened to support newer operating systems.

Zmanda 4.2 is now compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, Rocky Linux 9, Debian 11, and Windows 11 OS. You no longer need to use the old operating system to keep backing up with Zmanda. If you are the one who likes to keep their OSs up-to-date, Zmanda is for sure well-suited for you.

Experience Expeditious Setup with Bulk Actions for Zmanda Setup Utility

The new setup utility introduced in the 4.2 release makes sure Zmanda is more convenient and simpler to set up. If you were the one adding Zmanda Sources, Backupsets, Schedules, Storages, and Backup Servers in ZMC, you would be thrilled to know the new setup utility can add all these in bulk with a single operation.

Now, you no longer need to add everything one by one to Zamanda Management Console to get started with backups.

The new setup utility introduced in Zmanda 4.2 will speed up the process of setting up Zmanda Sources, Backupsets, Schedules, Storages, and Backup Servers. Thus, making it easy for organizations to scale their businesses without putting in more workforce.

Set up Zmanda now radically faster to revolutionize your enterprise data backup.

Why Wait? Upgrade to Zmanda 4.2 Now

Zmanda is a simple-to-use, feature-rich backup software that can fit just right into your enterprise ecosystem. If you are not a Zmanda customer, click the button below to learn more and get started.


Our aim with Zmanda is to deliver extraordinary features that are accustomed to our rapidly growing customer base. With Zmanda 4.2 releasing today, we will continue exploring new features and capabilities with our quarterly releases to make it easier for enterprises to manage their data backup and recovery processes.

Your feedbacks matter to us, so make sure you let us know about any issues by raising the ticket in your Network Zmanda portal.

Our existing customers can make the most of every version by upgrading free of charge. We cannot wait for you to try Zmanda 4.2 to revolutionize your enterprise backup environment. For more details on the migration and changes, check out Zmanda Wiki. To know more about this release, please check out our release notes.

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