Introducing Zmanda 4.1.3: Power Plus Power for Your Enterprise Data Backup

Zmanda 4.1.3

Key Enhancements

  • Zmanda 4.1.3 has many new features and enhancements that can ease your enterprise data backup and recovery process.
  • LDAP integration, enhanced user interface, comprehensive logs, support for Ubuntu 22.04, and all-new API documentation are part of this release that can help you with wider compatibility, building automation, and seamless backup.

Introducing Zmanda 4.1.3, an update that will take enterprise data backup and recovery a notch higher. The new enthralling enhancements can fit any enterprise backup environment just the right way.

Integration of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) can help you simplify the login process. On the other hand, an enhanced user interface can help you manage the data backup and recovery process more conveniently.

Another prominent feature of this release is the compatibility of Zmanda with Ubuntu version 22.04. With Zmanda 4.1.3, the debugging logs are more comprehensive. Along with these features, the all-new API documentation running on OpenAPI v2 can help you build automation around Zmanda services.

New Capabilities of Zmanda With 4.1.3 Release

We are super thrilled to reveal all new features and enhancements brought to you in this release. 

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Integration for Simplified User Management

LDAP Domain | Zmanda 4.1.3 | Enterprise Data Backup
LDAP Domains

Integration of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) in Zmanda can simplify user management in the organization. You can use corporate user directories and their Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to log in to Zmanda.

By integrating LDAP, you no longer need to have distinct databases to manage employee credentials across the organization. The LDAP Integration in the 4.1.3 release of Zmanda will also provide you with enhanced security and fewer databases.

API Documentation to Effectively Use and Integrate Zmanda API Layer

With the new release, you can now find Zmanda’s API documentation in OpenAPI v2 format. This API documentation can help you gain insights into the backend API structure of Zmanda and build automation around it.

The API documentation provides an update on endpoints and schema that makes it easier to integrate APIs. You can get started with the detailed and precise API documentation that is available on Zmanda.

Find and Restore Files on Sources With Enhanced ‘Explore & Select’ Option

Enhanced Explore and Select Option | Zmanda 4.1.3 | Enterprise Data Backup
Enhanced Explore & Select Option

The Explore & Select option is enhanced to smoothen the restoration process. In Zmanda 4.1.3, you can find and restore files on sources with millions of files. This improved option makes it easy to search for specific files and restore them on the supported sources.

You don’t need to restore the entire directory or sub-directory to restore a single file. With this release, the restoration process has become much faster and more reliable.

Compatible With All New Ubuntu 22.04

Zmanda 4.1.3 supports the newest operating system version 22.04 of Ubuntu on both client and server binaries. You can use updated Ubuntu OS without compromising your data backup and recovery solution. If you are on Ubuntu 22.04, go, get Zmanda 4.1.3 now!

Intuitive UI for Amplified User Experience

Enhanced User Interface | Zmanda 4.1.3 | Enterprise Data Backup
Intuitive User Interface

The 4.1.3 release of Zmanda has improved the user interface in many areas of Zmanda. With the right and precise user interface messages, you can be more aware of operations when using ZMC. The enhanced interface has made interaction with Zmanda enterprise effortless.

More Comprehensive Logs For Better Tracking

With Zmanda 4.1.3, the logs are made more detailed. Change in diction makes logs more readable, and thus tracking them becomes convenient whenever it is required. You can now have more comprehensive debugging logs through a simple configuration change.

Upgrade Now to Experience the Future of Data Backup and Recovery

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At Zmanda, we thrive to deliver the best enterprise data management solution. With the 4.1.3 release, we have done it by offering extraordinary new features and enhancements. Zmanda’s mission is to strive and set the standard for data protection and recovery. This version of Zmanda simplifies user management, improves data restoration, and offers much more to begin your enterprise data backup journey.

We cannot wait for you to try the new 4.1.3 version of Zmanda to manage your enterprise backup. For more details on changes for this release, please check out our release notes.

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