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Cloud Backups Stability | Zmanda

Have you ever wondered why businesses prefer to run their computing over the cloud? Cloud computing allows you to spin up instances in mere seconds, offering you superior business agility. You also save a lot of money due to the absence of equipment maintenance. Additionally, production instances in various geographical regions allow faster disaster recovery.

Cloud computing is being embraced by businesses irrespective of their size. Cloud computing offers many services for business requirements, such as computing, storage, database, network, etc. And storage is one of the important use cases of the cloud for businesses.

The global cloud storage market is estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.5% from 2022 to 2027. With the growing usage of cloud storage exploring the advantages of cloud storage becomes even more important.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

  • Durable backup and recovery: Backing up your valuable data onto the cloud improves the durability of your backup and recovery processes. Cloud service providers allow you to replicate your data across different geographical regions. It is highly unlikely that all the data centers across the globe becoming susceptible to attacks or natural disasters at once. Hence, the durability of your backups is considerably higher.
High accessibility from cloud storage | Zmanda
High accessibility from cloud storage
  • High accessibility: Data stored on the cloud can be accessed on any device anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. For example, employees need not download files onto their laptops when working from outside the office and reupload them to the common repository once they are back in the office. Everyone can access the recent versions of files at anytime and anywhere. Cloud storage allows for better collaboration among your employees, regardless of their location.
  • Affordable storage: The cloud service provider is able to provide cost-efficient storage because the costs incurred by them are divided among their customers. Unlike setting up your own physical servers, you need not invest money upfront for cloud infrastructure. Additionally, when you use cloud storage, you usually need to pay only for what you use. So, there is no question of over-provisioning of storage and associated costs.

Now that you have understood the cloud storage advantages, next you shall learn about Zmanda’s edge in cloud storage, thanks to the cloud backups stability feature.

Introducing Cloud Backup Stability

Backing up your valuable data to cloud storage platforms like Azure, AWS, and GCP is even more reliable now, because of Cloud Backup Stability.

Cloud backups with AWS | Zmanda
Cloud backups with AWS

Whenever the internet connection is reset during backup and restore leveraging Azure/AWS/GCP platforms, Zmanda will wait for a five-minute interval and retry to establish the connection up to 14 times.

Secondly, if data restoration from Azure/AWS/GCP cloud is interrupted in between, Zmanda will continue the restoration process right from the point it was interrupted. Please note that this is not a restart of restoration.

Zmanda can smoothly handle Azure/AWS/GCP cloud backup and restores despite network interruptions. Data transfers of the size MBs to TBs can be accomplished despite intermittent network connectivity.

Cloud Storage and Zmanda: The Perfect Match

When you back up your data to the cloud with Zmanda, you can be assured that your data is in good hands. Zmanda makes organizing distributed backup and recovery across Hybrid Cloud Platforms look and feel effortless.

Take a test drive of Zmanda to experience the Zmanda advantage firsthand. Feel free to ask for a demo or a free trial. Supercharge your disaster preparedness with the power of Zmanda.

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