ZRM Comparision

Logical and Raw Backups of MySQL Y Y
Full and Incremental Backups Y Y
Tested with MySQL Community edition Y Y
LVM Snapshot based full backups Y Y
ZFS Snapshot based full backups Y Y
VxFS, NetApp, CLARiiON Snapshot Support (optional) N Y
Windows Support (Server and Client) N Y
Visual Log Analyzer N Y
Pre-defined Backup Reporting N Y
Role-based Administration N Y
Tested and Supported with MySQL Enterprise edition N Y
Web Based Management Console N Y
Wizard-driven Binary Installer N Y
24x7 Production Support N Y

Common FAQs with ZRM Community

Which versions of MySQL can I backup? MySQL 4.1.x and MySQL 5.x
Which storage engines can I backup? ZRM for MySQL works with any storage engine.
Is there a GUI? ZRM Enterprise Edition provides Management Console for MySQL backup, a web-based service integrated with Zmanda Network for all day-to-day backup activities of a MySQL DBA.
How does ZRM backup MySQL? Backups are done via mysqldump, various snapshots, mysqlhotcopy or MySQL replication. Depending on your configuration of MySQL, ZRM selects the best way to do backups, but you can override and select yourself what tool to use.
Can I do hot backup of online database? ZRM provides hot backup via snapshots. Currently we support Linux, Windows VSS, Solaris ZFS, Veritas VxFS and Network Appliance SnapManager. Community Edition provides support for LVM and ZFS snapshots only.
Does ZRM for MySQL use a proprietary data format? Since ZRM for MySQL does not use any proprietary data formats, you can recover your data even without ZRM.
What kind of backup reports will I get? You will receive an e-mail about the success or failure of each backup. Additionally, you will get information about the amount of backup data and the time taken to run a backup. You can add your own comments about each backup job to make it easy to find the right backup version of your database for recovery. ZRM for MySQL also provides reports about the state of MySQL during backups, e.g., how much time it took to flush memory buffers before the snapshot was taken. Formatting for backup reports is flexible. For example, you can receive reports automatically via RSS feed making it easier to consolidate reports for a dashboard or any monitoring application. ZRM Enterprise Edition provides 9 predefined reports and allows to customize reporting on over 30 items.
Can I do backups over the Internet? Using SSH copy or socket copy plug-in you can do either secure or not secure but more efficient backups over the Internet.
Some of my backups are done via LVM snapshots and others are done via mysqlhotcopy. Will I need different tools for recovery? ZRM for MySQL provides a unified recovery mechanism for any technology used for backup. It makes it easy to recover databases that were backed up differently, e.g. when you have both logical and raw backups.ZRM for MySQL provides a unified recovery mechanism for any technology used for backup. It makes it easier to recover databases that were backed up differently, e.g., when you have both logical and raw backups.
Do I have to replace my existing network backup with ZRM for MySQL? ZRM for MySQL is not a replacement for your existing network backup. It is a complementary solution for backup and recovery of MySQL only, and it can co-exist with your existing Amanda Enterprise, IBM Tivoli, Symantec NetBackup, EMC NetWorker or any other network backup software.
To what point in time can I recover my database? With ZRM for MySQL you can recover your database to any point in time or to any particular transaction between two successful backups. For example, you can recover the database to a moment in time just before a user made an error.
What performance can I get for backup and recovery with ZRM? Raw backup and recoveries are much faster than logical ones. Register on Zmanda network to read the white paper "Backup and recovery benchmarks for MySQL with ZRM" and see how ZRM accelerates performance for InnoDB and MyISAM storage engines.
Can I backup MySQL Cluster with ZRM? ZRM Cluster Edition supports backup of MySQL Cluster and MySQL Cluster Carrier-Grade Edition. ZRM consolidates backup data dispersed among all cluster nodes to a single system making it easier to recover data in case of emergency.
Where can I get ZRM? You can download the Community Edition of ZRM for MySQL here.