Introduction to Amanda Enterpise Video

In this Zmanda demo video, we are going to dive into what Amanda Enterprise is and how it works.
We will be doing a walk through of Amanda Enterprise web portal and providing insights on how to navigate the interface.

What You Will Learn

The Zmanda management console makes backup as simple as what, where, when, and how.
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• Amanda Enterprise features
• How to create a backup set
• How to add a client to the backup set
• Which clients are supported by Amanda Enterprise
• Which application agents are supported by Amanda Enterprise
• What types of media that Amanda Enterprise backs up
• How to use the Amanda Enterprise Smart Scheduler
• How to receive backup reports
• How to use the verification checklist
• How to restore data
• How to see summary, timeline, media, and data reports
• How to create and export a customized report
• How to assign user privileges

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