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Storage/Software as a Service
SaaS Report from Illuminata  Saas Report from Illuminata

Read the latest trends in Storage-as-a-Service from Illuminata. Discover a great new way to implement remote data protection and disaster recovery. Read how Amanda Enterprise Backup to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is considered the leading "hybrid online backup solution" that seamlessly supports onsite media and offsite storage service as backup targets.

  • Streamlined offsite backup storage & recovery process
  • Layered security & bandwidth optimization
  • Retrieve data anytime, anywhere. Faster than restoring from offsite tape storage
  • Cost effective "pay as you go" ($0.20 per GB)
  • Easy to use & manage with Amanda Enterprise
  • Only online storage service backed by Amazon’s 99.9% SLA
"We think users should seriously consider adopting such hybrid approaches to provide layered, efficient data protection".
– John Webster, Founder, Illuminata, Feb. 2008

To learn more about Amazon S3 Storage Option. Click here.

Download this report to help evaluate remote online storage as an alternative for your backup media.

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