Highly-secure backups at up to 50% less.

Zmanda vs. Acronis

Check out how you get 50% TCO savings with Zmanda - trusted and actively used by classified sites, cybersecurity organizations, and the Department of Defense.

  • US-based company
  • Ransomware protection with air gap
  • Open-source
  • Non-proprietary backup formats

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Powering enterprise data protection

Zmanda is based on an open-source project, Amanda Community, started in 1991 that is packaged as the default backup solution in all major enterprise Linux distros. Sign up for the free trial now!

How does Zmanda keep your business running?

  • Zmanda provides a complete set of enterprise backup features, including data protection, security, recovery, and disaster recovery, for hybrid cloud environments.
  • With Zmanda, you can inspect the code, review the security model, build on the APIs to integrate custom workflows, and deploy in a zero-trust environment.
  • Zmanda isn’t just a secure option, but a highly cost-effective one too.

Switch to Zmanda and choose where your backups are stored.

Data intensive organizations place high value on open-source software because it allows you to deploy zero-cost proof-of-concepts to test how the product works in their specific environment.

Our unique pricing approach allows our customers, especially data-intensive companies, to save 50% compared to Acronis.

Let’s evaluate a common deployment to prove Zmanda is
more cost-effective than Acronis

  1. 200TB of Production Data Backed Up to Managed Cloud
  2. 5% Physical Server/ File Share
  3. 10% Annual Data Growth

Production Data
200 TB

Annual Data Growth

Physical Server/File Share

Here’s how you save
with Zmanda

Price comparison details

Zmanda pricing

Acronis pricing

No. of Resources Total 1-Year Cost Total 3-Year Cost Total 5-Year Cost
Physical Server 5
Zmanda Enterprise License
Managed Cloud Storage 200 TB
200 TB
Total Zmanda
Total Acronis


Up to 50% TCO savings that works for you

In many other deployment scenarios like the above, the numbers come out similarly with Zmanda, saving you right around 50% while still delivering the features that matter.

It isn’t a surprise that you’ll have to pay extra for additional security features or trap your backups in a tier-based pricing model & limited storage with Acronis. But with Zmanda, you get straightforward pricing—no surprises, only cost savings—and 24/7 support.

If you are looking to reduce your backup bills with predictable pricing, Zmanda is the answer!

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All the features you need to keep your data secured

Client-side deduplication to optimize the efficiency of storage

Supports both client-side and server-side encryption

Uses FIPS 140-2 compliant AES 256 encryption standards

Cloud backups are secured by using TLS 1.2/1.3

Data is always encrypted and decrypted on the client-side with AES-256 and Poly1305-AES

End-to-end encryption for cloud backups using client-side encryption

Use server-side encryption where clients have limited processing power

HashiCorp Vault is used to store secrets and sensitive data using AES-256 GCM

Support for virtualized and hybrid cloud environments

Zero-trust security, BYOK, LDAP, SSO, and RBAC

One solution for backups to on-prem and cloud storage

Out-of-the-box ready for large enterprise deployments

V3 standard APIs

24*7 support and professional services

High speed forever-incremental backups

Robust plan for disaster recovery

Our capabilities at a glance

With Zmanda, you can back up data from any environment and store it
amidst a range of target mediums. You name it, we have it.