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Zmanda Open Source Backup, MySQL backup
Announcing Amanda Enterprise 3.0
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Amanda Enterprise should be on the short list of any IT manager looking for a backup solution.
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Zmanda Client for VMware vSphere and ESXi

Image level backup of VMware based Virtual Machines (VMs)

  1. Hot Backups of VMs: Your VMs are backed up using snapshots, without any downtime.
  2. Agentless Backup and Recovery: No software needs to be installed on ESXi or VMs. You can also install Zmanda agents within the VM, e.g. if you would like to backup and recover specific directories and applications.
  3. Complete image level backup: The whole VM is backed up to an image which is self-sufficient for restore. No need to re-install and re-configure the OS during recovery process.
  4. End-to-End restore: The VM can be fully recovered to the original ESXi server or to a different ESXi server - ready for immediate commissioning.
  5. Differential backups (block-level): Zmanda's VMware Client tracks the blocks that have changed since the last full backup. During a differential backup run, only changed blocks are backed up. This makes differential backups faster as well as reduces the amount of backup data transferred and stored. During recovery, a full backup image will automatically be combined with the relevant differential backup image. (Requires VMware 4 or higher)
  6. Efficient Backup Storage: Only those blocks that are being used by the VM are backed up. Zmanda VMware Client skips the unused raw space on the VMDKs. This considerably reduces the size of backup images as well as makes the backup process faster by reducing the amount of data being transferred. (Requires VMware 4 or higher)
  7. Selective restore of VM disks: Recover just the disks you need or recover just the VM configuration.
  8. Full Backup Management Features: Leverage all features of Amanda Enterprise with your VM backups: Compression, Encryption, Retention Policy Control, Monitoring and Reporting.
  9. Choice of Media: Backup your VM images to disk, tape or cloud.
  10. Consolidated Backups: Manage backup of your physical and virtual machine from a unified management console.
  11. No Proxy Servers Required: Your VMs will be backed up directly to the Amanda Backup Server, without needing another proxy server required in some solutions.

Zmanda Client for VMware vSphere and ESXi is installed on the same (Linux based) system as the Amanda Enterprise Backup Server. The client use vStorage API to directly communicate with ESXi. You need one license for this client for each vSphere or ESXi Host (Hypervisor) being protected. You can protect unlimited number of VMs on each of the hypervisors.

Zmanda Client for VMware vSphere and ESXi
Release Support
VMware vSphere 5
VMware vSphere 4
VMware ESXi 3.5 or higher (Licensed versions only)

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