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Seamlessly Manage Your Enterprise Ubuntu Backups

Zmanda for Ubuntu server is a one-stop solution that lets you capture your entire Ubuntu server in one easy step and recover individual files, folders, or a complete system with a few simple clicks. It's all made simple.

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1 million
servers under backup.

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Audits available through Amanda.

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A Simple Solution That Just Works

Zmanda’s Ubuntu Server Client integrates seamlessly with Zmanda Management Console, handling many of the integration complexities and reducing overheads required by System Administrators. We also support a broad variety of backup mediums, spanning from cost-effective tape storage to modern cloud providers.

A Simple Solution
Possibilities of Zmanda

The Possibilities With Zmanda Are Infinite

Zmanda for Ubuntu offers you a polished, easy-to-use, and full-featured, professional backup and recovery solution to Ubuntu, today's most popular Linux distribution. The Web-based management console lets you schedule and control backup and recovery tasks from the comfort of your favorite browser.

Key Features

One Console For All Workloads
Stop juggling multiple consoles and tools. Unite them all with the full capabilities within Zmanda Management Console to manage data across multiple workloads.

Industry Leading Real-Time Objective
Zmanda scheduler optimizes Backup Runs across multiple clients to use Network and hardware resources. It enables enterprises to achieve near RPO & RTO objectives - even during major IT outages. IT teams can expect seamless backup and recovery processes across our entire product offerings.

Intelligent Scheduling
Zmanda’s unique scheduler optimizes the backup level for different clients in a way that equalizes the total backup time from one backup run to the next. Network and hardware resources are used efficiently, reducing congestion in IT Networks while delivering consistent backup runs. We create the difference.

Streamline Sparse Files
Optimize backup runs by using a Sparse file. Sparse files contain empty bytes that can be stored in the metadata and help reduce backup sizes. We help you get results.

Key Features

How We Benefit You?


Hybrid Cloud Backups

Seamlessly integrate with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and many more for long-term retention, disaster recovery, and cloud-native backups. Easily assign Legacy Tapes for Vaults for compliance and cost-benefit reasons.


Seamless Restore

Ubuntu files are restored using Zmanda Management Console or using the recover command. Bulk restore to same/different hosts can be triggered using Express restore. It's fast and reliable.


Flexible Storage Options

Increase the resiliency of your Ubuntu infrastructure by storing your backups in up to five locations, including local disks, NAS, SAN, tape, as well as proven and secure Zmanda Cloud Storage.


Reliable Encryption

With Zmanda, you can be sure that your data won’t be accessed by someone who shouldn’t have access to it. With Zmanda, you own your data every step of the way.


On-The-Fly Compression

Safeguard your data while going easy on your storage by configuring on-the-fly compression alongside encryption. This ensures your backup needs are addressed without compromising on performance.


High Scalability

Supports full and multi-level incremental backups using industry-standard data formats such as GNU-tar and star. Single data group or a cluster of 100, we manage workloads at a scale.


We pour our hearts into creating the most reliable backup solutions, and our customers testify to our commitment.

Zmanda guarantees end to end data integrity and easy storage... They provide fixes for our issues and respond very quickly every time.

Marcin Mazurek, Infrastructure & IT Operations Director at Allegro

We have a stable system always updated. We sleep well.

Leonardo Corato, ICT manager at VDP Fonderia

As long as you're a little bit technical, I can't see any reason to use any other product than Amanda Enterprise

Johan Hybinette, Chief Information Security Officer at Schryver Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

Backups are important because they help prevent permanent loss of valuable data. Ubuntu servers are mainly used in enterprises to power critical workloads as they are known for providing high-end security and resilience. This makes it imperative for system admins to know all their Ubuntu server backup options to ensure valuable data is recoverable in times of human-made or natural disasters. 

Zmanda uses Server-Client architecture, allowing for easy scaling.

  • A central backup server is provisioned on a self-hosted system running Amanda Enterprise (a Zmanda Product).

  • The server is tasked with managing backup runs across all clients linked to that specific server. Backup runs and restores are also managed through this Amanda Enterprise Server.

  • Client binaries are then installed on systems that need to be backed up, allowing for easy addition of new client systems into the backup set.

If you are using Amanda Enterprise - Recovering after a disaster is easy. The admin has to login to the Amanda Enterprise Server and locate the backup set, which contains the machine id to be restored. Once the Backup group and Machine ID are found - the admin has to decide if they want to restore data to the same machine or if they want to recover it to another system. Post that, the admin has to follow simple onscreen instructions to perform the restore.

Absolutely. Using Zmanda - the Ubuntu Server system state is captured allowing for an easy Ubuntu server image backup and recovery process. 

To enable IT to test Zmanda on demo environments - we offer a fully licensed version of Zmanda for 14 days. Please fill out our Free Trial form, and our sales team will help you get started. 

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1 million
servers under backup

Open Audits
Audits available through Amanda.