Harness the power of
Azure Cloud Storage with Zmanda

Building Zmanda on the Azure Cloud Infrastructure enables you to deploy a backup server in any geography in minutes -
ideal if your workloads are hosted on Azure Cloud Infrastructure, or if you are using Azure Blob storage.

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Zmanda and Azure Cloud Storage: A perfect match for your data protection needs

Zmanda seamlessly integrates with Azure, enabling IT teams to manage enterprise-wide backups and securely store datasets directly into Azure Binary Large Object (BLOB). It supports Hot/Cool tiers for distributed storage across geographies, optimizing cost-efficiency.

Zmanda's data lifecycle rules automate data migration beyond retention periods, minimizing on-prem data storage and reducing operational costs. Microsoft's vast data centers offer economies of scale. Deploy a backup server in Azure from the Azure Marketplace in minutes and reduce 1000 GB of data to $1 using Azure Storage Archival Options.

Get started with Zmanda directly from the Azure Marketplace today.