Zmanda Enterprise backup & recovery
for Oracle Government customers

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Empowering Government organizations with secure and cost-effective data protection

Zmanda and Oracle form a powerful partnership that caters to the specific needs of government organizations. By combining Zmanda's advanced backup and recovery solutions with Oracle's robust cloud infrastructure, government organizations can benefit from resilient and secure data protection

Up to 50% lower total cost of ownership
(TCO) than the competition.

#1 open-source enterprise
backup & recovery solution.

Tight integration with AWS to address unique
requirements of government organizations.

US-owned with strong
domestic customer presence.

Since 2005 with
1M+ servers protected.

24*7 support and professional services with
NPS 2x higher than the industry average.

Oracle integrations and capabilities

  • Backup and archive to all OCI storage tiers.
  • Back up to multiple OCI regions for enhanced resiliency.
  • Disaster recovery support, allowing quick spin-up of workloads in OCI in case of on-premise outages.
  • Ransomware protection with support for Oracle Immutable Storage.
  • Built-in Lifecycle Policy feature to archive data across Glacier Instant Retrieval, Flexible Retrieval, and Deep Archive based on rules defined in Zmanda to efficiently manage storage.

Zmanda is available on the Oracle Marketplace as an OCI app, enabling fast 15-minute deployments.