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Zmanda Is 50%
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Zmanda's enterprise backup and recovery solution stands out with its highly competitive pricing model. It is priced at $5.99 per VM/month. Unlike Druva and comparable services from other Hyperconverged Backup Appliance Solutions and Traditional Backup Providers, Zmanda does not charge you by metering your data. We function with the motto "Don't pay by gig".

In this comparison, we'll evaluate a common deployment including:

  1. 100TB of Production Data
  2. 30% DBs
  3. 10% File Systems/OS Clients
  4. 60% VMs
  5. 2 Data Centers
  6. 10% Annual Data Growth

In many other deployment scenarios, the numbers come out similarly with Zmanda saving you right around 50% while still delivering the features that matter.

Our per-workload licensing model makes billing easy and brings predictability and peace of mind to our customers. Customers who switch to Zmanda typically see immediate cost savings.

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Production Data
100 TB

File Systems/OS Clients

Data Centers

Data Growth

See How You’ll Save
with Zmanda

Price Comparison Details

No. of Resources Licenses Unit Price Total 1-Year Cost Total 3-Year Cost Total 5-Year Cost
VMs 200 40 $345 $13,800 $50,094 $111,125
DBs 60 60 $345 $20,700 $75,141 $166,688
File System/OS Clients 20 20 $345 $6,900 $25,047 $55,563
ZMC 1 $575 $575 $2,087 $4,630
Zmanda Cloud Storage (TB) 100 $20 $2,000 $7,260 $16,105
Zmanda Total $45,775 $166,163 $368,605
Druva Total +82%$253,669 +83%$996,917 +82%$2,146,846
Traditional Backup Provider Total +89%$430,918 +89%$1,511,460 +87%$2,956,648
Hyperconverged Backup Appliance Solution Total +90%$472,720 +89%$1,609,911 +88%$3,063,171

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Includes 24*7 Support

Eliminate backup worries and rest easy with Zmanda’s dependable 24*7 premium support. It is available by phone and email.

Don’t Pay By the Gig

Customize your plans based on your enterprise backup needs. 

Per Physical Server(s)/ File Share(s)


Per VM(s)


Per Workstation(s)


Managed Cloud Storage per TB


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Your Data with 50% Cost Savings

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