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Announcing Amanda Enterprise 3.0
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Amanda Enterprise should be on the short list of any IT manager looking for a backup solution.
Arun Taneja,
Noted Storage Analyst

Security Certified

 Red Hat Ready Partner

 MySQL Certified Technology

 Solaris Ready

Reliable, cost-effective backup and recovery protection for your Macintosh systems

The Zmanda Mac OS X Client provides a reliable, cost-effective solution to protect your Macintosh systems running Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. Zmanda Mac OS X clients interface seamlessly with the Zmanda Management Console, enabling administrators to use one intuitive, point-and-click interface to backup multiple Mac OS X systems as well as other Linux, Solaris, Windows systems, databases and applications on the network.

Amanda Enterprise augments the Time Machine which backs up a single Mac OS X desktop or laptop at a time to local disk. With Amanda Enterprise, you can perform centralized backup of multiple Mac OS X systems and save backups to tape, optical devices and Amazon S3, in addition to disk.

Amanda Enterprise backup server is installed on either a Linux or Solaris server and Zmanda Mac OS X Clients are installed on all servers and desktops running Mac OS X.

  • Centralized and scalable backup. Backup multiple Mac OS X clients to a single master backup server without impacting users and applications

  • Packaged dependencies. Mac OS X Client is an easy to install package with pre-built dependencies.

  • Simple, flexible backups. Supports full and incremental backups.

  • Flexible media options. Write backups to tape, disk, optical devices and Amazon S3.

  • Open source formats. Uses only industry standard data formats such as GNU tar data format.

  • Hard links. Maintains the integrity of hard links during backup.

  • Sparse files. Supports the backup of sparse files to optimize the use of storage media for backups.

  • Timestamps unchanged. File timestamps remain intact during backup.

  • Include/exclude lists. Administrators can choose to include or exclude specific files and directories during backup.

  • Resource forks. Backup preserves resource forks used by many Mac applications and files.

  • Security. Supports data encryption and compression.

  • Support. POWER and Intel architectures.
Zmanda Mac OS X Client
Release Support
Mac OS X 10.5
Mac OS X 10.4
Mac OS X 10.6
Mac OS X 10.7 (Intel only)

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