ZRM now supports MySQL 8.0 and MariaDB 10.1 to 10.5.
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  • Hot Backup of MySQL Databases and Applications.
  • Point-in-Time 1-Click Restore.
  • Fast and Scalable Backups of Large Databases.

Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL & MariaDB

Data protection is vital to database professionals. A well-run database must have proper backup and recovery plans to ensure data availability and integrity in case of accidental data loss or destruction. In today’s business environment, explosive data growth combined with shorter backup and recovery windows makes the task more difficult. And, with MySQL/ MariaDB supporting businesses running full throttle 24-hours a day, seven days a week, backup and recovery operations need to be conducted in such a way that is non-disruptive to users and applications.


ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB simplifies the life of a database administrator who needs an easy-to-use yet flexible and robust backup and recovery solution. ZRM is the only solution endorsed by MySQL & MariaDB.

Zmanda Recovery Manager for Enterprise MySQL Backup | Zmanda

With ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB you can:

  1. Fast Backups of MySQL Running on Amazon EC2
  2. Maximize Data Security
  3. Stay Informed Via Automated Alerts & Reports
  4. Easily Deploy Your Backup & Recovery Solution
  5. Control Your Data. No Vendor Lock In
  6. Backup MySQL Cluster
  7. Perform Flexible Backups
  8. Provide Continuous Data Protection for Your MySQL Database
  9. Backup Live MySQL Databases Without Impacting Applications & Users
  10. Perform One-Click Point-In-Time Recovery
  11. Centralized Global Backup Management
Perform Flexible Backups icon
Perform Flexible Backups

Easily schedule full, incremental, raw or logical backups
Use snapshot technologies to perform hot backup
Activate Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to enable instantaneous point-in-time recovery
Automatically optimize the backup method that best fits your environment

Continuous Data Protection icon
Continuous Data Protection
  • Deep integration between ZRM, underlying storage, and MySQL & MariaDB binary logs enables you to perform highly efficient CDP with almost instantaneous point-in-time recovery.

Backup Live MySQL & MariaDB Databases Without Impacting Applications & Users

Storage Snapshot Support for Full Backup MySQL Database | Zmanda
Storage Snapshot support for Full Backups:

Perform a hot backup of live MySQL & MariaDB by taking advantage of Linux LVM, Microsoft VSS, Solaris ZFS, Symantec VxFS *, NetApp SnapManager *, and EMC SnapView technologies *.

* Symantec VxFS, NetApp SnapManager, EMC SnapView technologies are available as Add-on Options.

Non-Blocking Backups:

ZRM provides support for non-blocking backups of MySQL using Percona XtraBackup and for MariaDB using MariaBackup. This combination provides resource utilization management by providing throttling based on the number of IO operations per second. Percona XtraBackup and MariaBackup based backups also allow for table level recovery even though the backup was done at the database level (needs the recovery database server to be Percona Server with XtraDB).

Non-Blocking MySQL Automatic Backup | Zmanda
Incremental Backups (based on MySQL Binary Logs) | MySQL Backup Restore | Zmanda
Incremental Backups (based on MySQL & MariaDB Binary Logs):

ZRM integrates various full backup methods with incremental backups using MySQL & MariaDB Binary Logs. This allows you to take very frequent backups (e.g. hourly) as well as do a point-in-time restore between any two backups. No read or write lock is taken during incremental backups.


Zmanda Backup University — MySQL / MariaDB Backup and Recovery Training

MySQL & MariaDB Backup and Recovery Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL & MariaDB complete training will familiarize you with all aspects of MySQL backup and recovery. Class includes hands-on lab experience. Course is conducted live via WebEx. Small class size facilitates interaction between students and the Zmanda instructor. From the comfort of where ever you are First Thursday of every month GET A QUOTE

To enroll, please email [email protected] with your preferred class date.

Training is scheduled on a regular basis throughout the year. Training purchases are valid for any scheduled class within one year of purchase.

Classes are subject to rescheduling based on enrollment.

ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB Quickstart

This quick start will help you get your MySQL / MariaDB backup and recovery solution off the ground. Backup and Recovery experts from Zmanda will remotely get your MySQL / MariaDB backups configured, so that you can rest easy. For a single ZRM server, Zmanda services engineer will install ZRM, configure MySQL / MariaDB backups and demonstrate a simple restore.

ZRM Implementation for Service Providers

ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB is secure, is able to recover data quickly and can be deployed easily. These are important requirements that ISPs expect from any solution in their environment. Zmanda service engineers will start by understanding your requirements for protecting your MySQL / MariaDB servers. Using ZRM, they will design a robust and scalable solution that is customized to your environment. For more information regarding availability and pricing, contact Zmanda professional services.

ZRM Integration with Amanda Network Backup Software

Zmanda services engineers will integrate ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB with Amanda Enterprise Edition to take advantage of the great features of both. This unified solution allows the DBAs to keep control of their databases and System Administrators to keep control of their enterprise-wide backups. For more information regarding availability and pricing, contact Zmanda professional services.

ZRM Implementation for MySQL Clusters

MySQL backup experts from Zmanda services, will understand, plan and deploy ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB based backup and recovery solution for your MySQL Cluster implementation. We will

    • Analyze your current database infrastructure
    • Understand your backup requirements
    • Understand your recovery point objectives
    • Plan, install and configure ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB
    • Transfer knowledge to key personal
    • Provide documentation of the implementation

Remote Installation Services for ZRM

Zmanda services engineers will work with you to understand your environment and can remotely log-in to help install and configure ZRM in your environment.

Zmanda Technical Support

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Zmanda provides the best in class technical support. Zmanda Technical support provides access to experts who can immediately address any of your requirements with Amanda Enterprise Edition

Zmanda offers various options to meet your specific support needs. From Standard level support to Premium, business-critical 24 X 7 support. More information on different subscription levels is available here.

A list of supported platforms for ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB can be found in our Compatibility matrix and supported platforms page.

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