Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL – Tivoli Storage Manager Option (ZRM-TSM Option)

Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL - Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Option allows IT managers to implement live backup of their MySQL databases with seamless integration with TSM. ZRM does full and incremental backups of MySQL. Data is backed up to media of your choice, managed by TSM. The solution has gone through rigorous validation by IBM, achieving the Ready for Tivoli certification.

Combined with Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL, this option provides full functionality of a database backup agent for Tivoli. This solution is designed by MySQL experts and system backup veterans at Zmanda, and meets the needs of both the MySQL DBAs (e.g. point-in-time recovery of their databases) and System Administrators (e.g. managing retention policies of data archives).

  • Centralized Backups:This option, along with TSM Linux Client, only needs to be installed on the ZRM Server running on a Linux server. This server can centrally protect multiple MySQL databases running on any operating system in your environment.
  • Automated Scheduling:You can schedule full and incremental backups of MySQL based on your system resources and backup policies. You can choose to use scheduler of TSM or ZRM in order to transfer data to backup media.
  • Performance:You will have the option of using various methods to backup MySQL, including Snapshots based backups. Snapshots are the fastest mechanism to backup a large and active MySQL database. In addition ZRM intelligently takes incremental backups and correlates them with appropriate full backups during recovery.
  • Easy to Manage:Zmanda Management Console makes it intuitive for you to configure and manage backup and restore of your MySQL databases from a browser from anywhere in the world. You also have access to powerful command line interface for scripting purposes.
  • Compatibility:This solution supports all MySQL Storage Engines, including InnoDB and MyISAM
  • Visual Log Analyzer:MySQL DBAs can use the built-in visual log analyzer to search logs of their databases to quickly identify desired point of recovery (e.g. just before a bad transaction was run by accident).
  • Requirements:This option needs a subscription for ZRM server on Linux and a license for TSM client for Linux. You will need to get a subscription for ZRM for every MySQL server you are protecting — but these servers do not need the TSM client or the ZRM-TSM Option.

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The advanced database protection capabilities of Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL, coupled with the leading storage management features offered by IBM TSM, will tremendously benefit our customers as they overcome the data availability challenges faced in today's business environment.

Richard Vining
Product Marketing Manager, IBM Tivoli Storage