Zmanda and OpenDrives Join Forces
at the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas

Zmanda and OpenDrives will be exhibiting their joint solution to provide a next-gen enterprise backup and disaster recovery appliance at the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Take this opportunity to meet executives and leaders from the Zmanda team in person. 

  • When: April 16 through 18

  • Where: OpenDrives booths M1861 and N1861

You’ll have the opportunity to meet in private rooms and see demos of the joint Zmanda and OpenDrives appliance, which provides a cost-effective, comprehensive, all-in-one enterprise backup and recovery solution for the media and entertainment industry.

Contact us to book an in-person meeting time with our leadership team in advance.

Zmanda Enterprise Backup and Recovery for Media and Entertainment

With Zmanda, you do not pay by the gig to back up your data. There is no data metering. In typical deployments, Zmanda customers save 80% compared to competitors. But in the media and entertainment industry, savings can be significantly larger.
Our model allows you to back up and archive unlimited amounts of data, ideal for storage-intensive media customers.

  • Customizable backup schedules
  • Live backup capabilities
  • Archival storage and retrieval with deduplication
  • Offered in subscription and CapEx pricing models
  • Incremental-forever backups
  • Offsite replication for disaster recovery
  • Proven and reliable since 1991
  • High performance and cost effective
  • Support for virtualized and hybrid cloud environments
  • Retention policies

Not only is Zmanda cost-effective, it’s also highly secure

Zmanda is trusted by businesses, enterprises, governments, education institutions, and defense organizations worldwide. It is open-source-based and packaged in all major Enterprise Linux distributions.

Zmanda enables you to back up to NAS, SAN, cloud, and tape. Advanced features include:

  • Ransomware protection with air gap
  • Secure access controls
  • Zero-trust security, BYOK, LDAP, and RBAC
  • Install in 15 minutes with prepackaged deployments
  • Web-based centralized management
  • Non-proprietary backup formats
  • OpenAPI V3 standard APIs
  • 24*7 support and pro services

Zmanda + OpenDrives

OpenDrives storage with integrated Zmanda software brings a container-native enterprise backup and recovery (EBR) appliance that is highly performant, scalable, and cost-effective. It’s ideal for traditional and hybrid data centers while eliminating the need for additional hardware expense.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership by 80%
  • Turnkey, plug-and-play appliance
  • Simplify & automate administrative tasks
  • Protect against ransomware
  • Incremental-forever backups
  • Highly scalable to back up petabytes of globally dispersed media files
  • Multi-tiered automated backup, replication, and disaster recovery
  • All-inclusive licensing model
  • Centralized, single point of support
  • Retention policies

This solution is fully integrated with media workflows for archiving and storage, eliminating the need for complex data transfers and manual processes. It supports throughput rates of 15 GB/s with 400 parallel backups, significantly cutting recovery time in the event of a system failure, outage, or ransomware attack. This allows you to protect your data with a multi-tiered approach, including automated backup, replication, and disaster recovery.

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