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Evolutionary Microsoft Hyper-V Backups

Zmanda’s Hyper-V backup sets a new standard for upcoming disaster recovery solutions with its innovative features. Zmanda is affordable, reliable, and a one-stop solution to safeguard your Microsoft Hyper-V data.

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Zmanda securely protects over 1 MILLION servers

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Performance. Security. Reliability

Take the stress out of managing your data protection, ransomware prevention, and compliance challenges. With key features that allow you to manage your entire backup data lifecycle, Zmanda saves time and money, simplifying administration minimizing costly downtime. Now you can focus on driving your business objectives forward with confidence.

Ensure full data integrity

Solid-state child VM Snapshots

Full and multi-level incremental backups

Intelligent saved second state method

“ Amanda is the final word in open source, enterprise backup systems. Excellent software. ”

Scott Alan Miller

IT Service Provider

Better design

The administration via Zmanda Management Console, which handled all the set up and interaction with our tape stacker, helped to make our entire backup process very simple and it cut down on a lot of work for our systems engineer. Since the installation of Amanda Enterprise in May, I have tested Windows and Mac restores without a hitch. Now we can backup with confidence.”

Power Reviews

Matthew Lewis

Enterprise Backup Architect, PowerReviews Inc.

Why Zmanda Matters

The Most Reliable Backup for your Microsoft Hyper-V Servers

Developed by Engineers passionate about making the Best Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Solutions.


Reliable and Full Data Integrity

When Zmanda is configured, it uses the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to back up the Hyper-V virtual machines.

This provides reliable backups offering no disruption to users, even when VMs and applications are in use. With Zmanda, you own your data every step of the way.

“ Every morning, I have peace of mind after looking at the Zmanda backup logs ”

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Ray Zhu

Senior IT Manager, Vyatta

Trusted Partner for your Microsoft Hyper-V Needs

Lock | Improved Security for Data Backup | Zmanda

Reliable Security

With Zmanda, you can be sure that your data won’t be accessed by someone who shouldn’t have access to it. Custom Profile Tagging, Encryption at rest and motion, & a lot of other features ensure your backups are safe & available when you need them.

Hassle-Free Setup for Backup and Recovery | Zmanda

On-the-Fly Compression

Safeguard your data while going easy on your storage by configuring on-the-fly compression alongside encryption. This ensures your backup needs are addressed without compromising on performance.

Amanda Backup Normalization | Open Source Backup

Efficient Problem Resolution

At Zmanda, we offer 24 x 7 service across all our offerings. Our technical staff is well equipped to help you solve your issues without causing overheads. There’s no waiting time, we’re just a call away.

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Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Zmanda offers you unparalleled flexibility, performance, and ease of use across hybrid cloud configuration. Zmanda ensures all configurations are seamlessly managed from a single console.

Backup Scheduling | Customized Solutions | Zmanda

Wide Platform Support

We offer extensive and up-to-date support across a wide range of servers and client Operating Systems, including Mac OS X. We offer you smart features for the better.

Simplified Backups | Contender in IDC Marketplace | Zmanda

Seamless Backup Process

Zmanda clients are installed at the hypervisor level, allowing for near real-time backups. Our clients are lightweight, helping you maximize processing throughput.

The Most Reliable Backup for your Microsoft Hyper-V Servers

Developed by engineers passionate about making the best Microsoft Hyper-V backup solutions.

Backup with Zmanda is easy, streamlined, and applicable to all file types. Rules can be created depending on your automated backup needs. Extensive options are available down to split employee accounts. The automation allows you to have peace of mind, while Zmanda takes care of having proper cloud redundancy to avoid any data loss. From all fronts the service they provide is more than adequate on the backing up of your data front, gives you user control and this can be a massive benefit if you’re a business big or small.”

Sebastien Fitzpatrick

Network IT Specialist

Global Leader in Data Protection

1 million

Servers protected through Zmanda


Serving customers in 45+ nations


Coding going strong for over two decades


Easy scaling through plug and play architecture


Extensive audits carried to certify Zmanda free of security defects


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Backup your Hyper-V servers risk-free for 14 days. Let's break free from legacy backup solutions.

1 million

Servers protected through Zmanda


Serving customers in 45+ nations

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