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Zmanda’s mission is to ensure that if a disaster were to strike, disaster recovery would be a seamless experience. Amazon's Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) fits perfectly in this mission, providing the throughput of a disk drive with the economics of tape storage, allowing for faster recovery time with reliability.

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With Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering and Zmanda, your organization can realize cost-savings and flexibility by storing your backup data in the appropriate performance tier of Amazon S3 storage to meet your data recovery patterns, without the need for predicting restore frequencies, manual scripting, or backup job post-processing.

Layered security with bandwidth optimization

Easy to configure & use with Zmanda

Robust economics with a pay as you go subscription

Amazon’s 99.9% SLA backs up Amazon S3

“I am using Zmanda Cloud backup with Amazon S3 storage. Great for windows server and file server backup to the cloud and support Live backup of SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL & Oracle.”

Ambarish RH
IT Associate Manager at Bloom Holding

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"In the hosting business, customers have very high expectations for service and uptime and if you don't deliver on those contracts, they will take their business elsewhere. Therefore, Zmanda's industry-wide reputation for providing solid products with superior service was a key factor in VeePee's buying decision. They have provided reliable data protection solutions that give us the security and peace of mind to deliver on our service contracts confidently."

Antoine Coetsier

IT and innovations manager, VeePee

Why Zmanda Matters

Zmanda: At Your Service, in Every Step of the Way.

Tailored to meet the needs of enterprises, offering simplicity at every touch.

Zmanda AWS

Flawless Support for Vaulting in AWS Cloud Storage

Zmanda gives your mission-critical data an extra layer of protection with vaulting as one of the licensed features. It enables you to vault data over to various storage locations, including AWS cloud storage, with improved cost benefits.

It gives you the ability to store off-site. This way, your organization can seamlessly implement the 3-2-1 strategy for your data protection requirements. Zmanda ensures that you will always have a “good” copy of your data and stay protected.

“ The cost-effective nature of Amanda Enterprise has allowed us to implement a single common solution for enterprise wide backup, while other solutions would have been price-prohibitive for our company in the current market climate ”

Hass Cabinet

Steve Jackson

Systems Architect, Haas Cabinet

Unleash the Power of Amazon S3 With Zmanda

Internet Storage Using Amazon S3

Amazon S3 gives you access to the same highly scalable, reliable and fast storage architecture that Amazon uses to run its global network. Backed by Amazon´s 99.9% service level agreement, it offers robust reliability, and Zmanda is the best disaster recovery solution offering seamless hybrid cloud setups.

Easy Configuration

The intuitive browser-based Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) makes it very easy to configure Amazon S3 as a target for backup and archiving. After the initial configuration, Zmanda automatically sends a copy of your data to Amazon S3 and maintains a detailed report.

EUDPD Compliant

With Zmanda, this option is compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive. You can choose to constrain your backup data to Amazon’s data centres within the EU boundaries. Also, when compared to traditional offsite tape facilities for disaster recovery, Amazon S3 provides a streamlined recovery process with minimal downtime for your business.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Zmanda offers you unparalleled flexibility, performance, and ease of use across hybrid cloud configuration. Zmanda ensures all configurations are seamlessly managed from a single console.

High Scalability

Supports full and multi-level incremental backups using industry-standard data formats such as GNU-tar and star. Single data group or a cluster of 100, we manage data at a scale.

No Proprietary Device Drivers

If the operating system supports it, the device will work well with Zmanda. Upgrading hardware will not break support for a device you depend on. We make it happen.

Zmanda: At Your Service, in Every Step of the Way.

Tailored to meet the needs of enterprises, offering simplicity at every touch.

Restoration is also another strong point that comes with the service Zmanda provides, they implement features such as a simple recovery manager tool with multiple fail safes to ensure your business data is stored at multiple locations. The real time monitoring also helps retrieve any older versions of documents. Rest assured that Zmanda looks after your data and covers you for any eventualities.”

Sebastien Fitzpatrick

Network IT Specialist

Global Leader in Data Protection

1 million

Servers protected through Zmanda


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1 million

Servers protected through Zmanda


Serving customers in 45+ nations

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