Download Amanda

Amanda is a free open source project and therefore made available 'as-is'. The constant contribution from the University of Maryland and Amanda's contributors makes this project available to others. Although this software is in production use at several sites globally, we make no warranties that it will work for you.

Free support is not available for this software. However, you can join the discussion and raise issues on the Amanda Github issue page.

Git Access

GitHub can help developers contribute to Amanda efficiently. The Git repository at GitHub was a mirror of the Subversion repository until 3.5 version. However, starting from 3.5.2 release, you can find all the source at GitHub directly.

Binary Packages

To download Amanda binary packages (e.g. RPMs, debian packages, Win32 Windows client) for stable and beta versions for various distributions and source tarball please visit the following page:

Source Packages

Amanda project is hosted on Github. You can download the most recent release (source tarball) from this page, and both new and old releases (source tarball) can also be found on the sourceforge download page