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Google Cloud Storage는 Google 검색을 실행하는 동일한 인프라를 통해 강력한 가동 시간을 제공합니다. 중앙 관리 콘솔을 사용하여 업무상 중요한 데이터와 애플리케이션을 GCP에 백업하세요. 각 백업 아카이브를 개체로 캡슐화하여 재해 복구 중에 시스템 데이터를 쉽게 검색 할 수 있습니다.

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Zmanda는 오픈 소스를 수용함으로써 시장의 다른 재해 복구 제품과 차별화되었습니다. 리셀러를 통해뿐만 아니라 직접 제품을 판매합니다. Zmanda의 고객은 처음부터 우리의 투명성과 놀라운 가치를 알고 있습니다.

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Zmanda Management Console Integration | Zmanda

원활한 ZMC 통합

Zmanda handles many of the integration complexities, minimizing overhead and ongoing effort required by System Administrators. We also support a broad variety of backup mediums, spanning from cost-effective tape storage to modern cloud providers.

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Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery | Zmanda

단순화 된 하이브리드 클라우드 백업 및 복구.

Secured Backup and Recovery | Zmanda

대역폭 최적화를 통한 계층화 된 보안.

Robust Economics Subscription | Zmanda

종량제 구독으로 강력한 경제성.

SLA Backup to Amazon S3 | Zmanda

Google의 99.9% SLA는 Google Cloud Storage를 백업합니다.

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Zmanda로 구성 및 사용이 쉽습니다.

Data stored in SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center | Zmanda

SAS 70 Type II 인증 데이터 센터에 저장된 데이터.

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We pour our hearts into creating the most stable Disaster Recovery Solutions, and our Customers testify to our commitment.

Zmanda는 종단 간 데이터 무결성 및 간편한 저장을 보장합니다. 문제를 해결하고 매번 매우 빠르게 대응합니다.

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자주 묻는 질문

Cloud Storage is a service for storing your objects in Google Cloud. An object is an immutable piece of data consisting of a file of any format. You store objects in containers called buckets. All buckets are associated with a project, and you can group your projects under an organization. After you create a project, you can create Cloud Storage buckets, upload objects to your buckets, and download objects from your buckets. You can also grant permissions to make your data accessible to members you specify, or - for certain use cases such as hosting a website – accessible to everyone on the public internet.

아만다 엔터프라이즈 can now back up to Google Cloud Storage, archive and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the Internet. Amanda Enterprise customers now get access to Google's advanced storage infrastructure to store and reliably access their backup data.

Google Cloud Storage offers robust uptimes while being powered by the same infrastructure running Google Search. Backup business-critical data and applications to Google Cloud using a central management console.

아만다 엔터프라이즈 encapsulates each backup archive as an object and stores backup on Google Cloud Storage. Backup archives are created in open formats (e.g., ZIP64 for 윈도우 and tar for 리눅스). The open architecture enables businesses to store their data on the cloud with no hassles and hidden costs of vendor lock-in. In addition to being able to recover their data quickly using Zmanda's intuitive recovery interface, users can browse, read or delete their data objects through Google Storage Manager.

Zmanda handles many of the integration complexities, minimizing overhead and ongoing effort required by System Administrators. We also support a broad variety of backup mediums, spanning from cost-effective tape storage to modern cloud providers.

재해 복구 can be used to manage your entire network backup, including your applications, email, data and network configuration. If an IT failure strikes, your data and applications can be restored at any time from The Cloud.

Your business’ IT workloads can be disrupted at any time, so it is always important to have a recovery plan prepared. One advantage of cloud disaster recovery is that it can be used to back up and restore data that run on-premise, in addition to those hosted in The Cloud (offsite server).

Zmanda, with multiple services within the same platform allows partners to monetize their relationships with customers, making it easier to sell more, helping service providers to increase their revenue. It perfectly fits customers’ requirements by offering the ability to store data locally and backup on Google Cloud. Additionally, it can also replicate data to multiple locations, to help customers meet their regulatory compliance requirements.

  • It is the World’s leading provider of enterprise open source backup and recovery products. We have a legacy of protecting enterprise data.  

  •  Zmanda also offers seamless enterprise backups for Hybrid cloud environment. Zmanda ensures that all critical workloads such as servers, databases, application, and VMs across hybrid cloud resources are protected against security breaches and accidental errors.

  • Zmanda has cleared Homeland certification for Government use. Coverity, which creates automated source-code analysis tools, announced its first list of open source projects that have been certified as free of security defects and we are humbled to be on the list certified for government use.

IT가 데모 환경에서 Zmanda를 테스트 할 수 있도록하기 위해 14 일 동안 전체 라이선스 버전의 Zmanda를 제공합니다. 우리의 무료 평가판, and our sales

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