ZRM Community Edition

Consistent Protection of MySQL & MariaDB With ZRM Community Edition!

  • Flexible Backup
  • Multiple Backup Sets
  • Secure
  • Cross Engine and Platform Support

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Flexible Recovery

Flexible Backup

ZRM for MySql and MariaDB, our commodity software provides you with flexible backup options that are innovative, effective, and affordable along with the peace of mind. It allows you to start an immediate backup or postpone scheduled backups, schedule full and incremental backups of your MySQL database.

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Multiple Backup Sets

ZRM helps you manage multiple backup sets to protect different servers and databases, suitable for the respective applications. With ZRM you can create backup sets, including all the databases and tables that are required to maintain the referential integrity and consistency of the application.

Data Security


ZRM for MySql and MariaDB is secure that protects data from unauthorized access as well as from any kind of data loss. It also helps you in a backup of your remote MySQL database through a firewall. ZRM understands your requirements and designs a robust and scalable solution customized to your environment.

No Usage of Proprietary Device

Cross Engine and Platform Support

ZRM allows you to back up multiple versions of MySQL running on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and other UNIX platforms. This enables MySQL DBAs to use optimal storage engine and platform for each application, without worrying about the implication on backup.

No Proprietary Formats

Recovery Objective Requirements

ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB offers a disaster recovery plan that integrates RPOs and RTOs, helping to safeguard all data for any environment, deployment, workload, and storage, and with any recovery method. ZRM for MySQL can recover data to any point in time.

Snapshots for Backup

Uses Snapshots For Backups

Backing up from snapshots provides a logical copy of a file system at a point in time. ZRM for MySql and MariaDB allows you to choose where to store backups for instance a local disk, a disk array, or a NAS device. ZRM helps in storing snapshots on the same volume as the original data and enables almost instantaneous recovery.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Encryption on the client ensures the security of data in transit and encryption on the backup server ensures the security of data at rest, e.g., on a tape or a Cloud. ZRM supports up to 4096-bit keys with public-key cryptography as well as 256-bit AES encryption.


Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL & MariaDB is an easy-to-use, flexible, and robust backup and recovery solution that ensures business continuity. Our open-source database recovery software will save you from revenue loss, daunting tasks, the event of a disaster, or during migrating systems to new hardware. With ZRM, MySQL & MariaDB database you can manage mission-critical high volume transaction processing environments with confidence across all MySQL servers running on Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS.

This edition will help you backup your data via mysqldump, various snapshots, mysqlhotcopy or MySQL replication and provides hot backup via snapshots. ZRM currently supports Linux, Windows VSS, Solaris ZFS, Veritas VxFS, and Network Appliance SnapManager. It supports LVM and ZFS snapshots as well.

ZRM Cluster Edition supports backup of MySQL Cluster and MySQL Cluster Carrier-Grade Edition. It offers a broad set of capabilities and is significantly more potent when compared to other products. You are free to utilize the ZRM for MySql and MariaDB Community Edition any way you want. You can use it for your home lab or your critical line of business applications in case of IT budget constraints. Download and get started today!


Backup With ZRM

ZRM provides several ways to back up MySQL. A logical backup captures the output of the mysqldump utility and supports all MySQL storage engines except NDB. You can restore a logical backup to a platform different from the original. For example, a backup of a MySQL database running on an RHEL x86 system can be restored to a MySQL database running on a Solaris Sparc system.

Consider raw backups if you want minimal database downtime or if your database size is really large. Raw backups can take advantage of filesystem-level snapshots to shorten backup times. Also, the backup size of a raw backup is the same as the size of the data being backed up. If you have a large database and/or high transaction volume, you should consider using the quick snapshot option. This reduces backup time further because the filesystem snapshot becomes the backup and is not copied to the ZRM server.

ZRM for MySql and MariaDB makes it easy to run a mix of full or incremental backups. Full backups include all data in a database, whereas incremental backups capture the changes since the last successful backup.


Technical Support

You can choose our Standard or Premium level of support, made available to you with complete knowledge base access, email and phone support, case management, software enhancements and security updates.

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