Strong Community and User Support for Open Source Backup

"The advanced database protection capabilities of Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL, coupled with the leading storage management features offered by IBM TSM, will tremendously benefit our customers as they overcome the data availability challenges faced in today's business environment. "

Richard Vining,
Product Marketing Manager,
IBM Tivoli Storage

"Our users are deploying Postgres Plus to serve data needs of mission-critical and advanced Web 2.0 applications, and data protection is on top of their minds. Zmanda’s Postgres Plus Agent enables DBAs to easily backup and recover their Postgres Plus databases."

Andy Astor,
co-founder and EVP of Business Development,
EnterpriseDB Corporation

"As the founder of a new software development business, I have been keenly aware that we must diligently protect our intellectual property and effectively manage our costs as we scale our operations. Amanda network backup and recovery software has played an important role in providing us with the peace of mind that our valuable data has been protected. It has proven to be easy to implement and highly reliable. We are especially pleased to see Zmanda emerge as a provider of enterprise level support and services for Amanda."

Amit Narayan, Ph.D.
Vice President of Engineering and Founder,
Berkeley Design Automation.

"I'm very pleased to see Zmanda's interest in bringing enterprise features, stability and support to Amanda. They have taken a leadership role in open source Amanda development and been very responsive to the Amanda development and user community. Their enterprise-level support offering should make it much easier for companies to take advantage of Amanda's technology for data protection."

James da Silva
the original developer of Amanda.

"Cycorp has been using Amanda for over 7 years now. In that time, we have scaled from backing up a few Gigs to a DLT 2000XT drive to over 2 Terabytes with an SDLT600-based autoloader. Amanda has always scaled with us, and I have no doubt it always will. Our current SUSE 10 Amanda server easily backs up several versions of Linux, Solaris (SPARC and x86), Windows and even our MySQL databases. We very rarely need to restore anything, but once or twice a year when we do it's easy and reliable. The fact that the software is open source and doesn't cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars is unheard of. Thanks, Amanda!"

Charles Smith
Cycorp Inc.,
Austin, TX.

"Zmanda has taken a leadership role in enhancing Amanda, while fully subscribing to the open source development methodology and by providing collaborative tools like Wiki and Forum. Zmanda engineering provided tremendous help in releasing Amanda 2.5, a major milestone for the Amanda project that provides significant enhancements in security and scalability."

Jean-Louis Martineau,
Current Amanda community lead developer and project gatekeeper.

"Information Systems and Services at the University of Newcastle has used Amanda for over six years. Today we have two Amanda servers running Linux that backup more than a hundred Solaris, Linux and Mac OS-X clients. We backup around 2 TB including 600 GB of SAP data. We've always been able to get data back when we need it using Amanda."

Paul Haldane,
University of Newcastle,

"The University of Waikato has been using Amanda for the past 5 years to back up systems in the central IT department. The single Amanda server, running Linux, protects more than 1 TB of data on more than 40 client systems running AIX, Linux, and Windows. Amanda works seamlessly with our Dell 130T tape library, making backups almost effortless. In fact the only problems we have had have been hardware related, due to the age of some of the hardware inherited by our Amanda service over the years. File recoveries are required every two or three months, and we have done one full file system recovery from Amanda in 5 years. It went without a hitch."

Jaime Littin,
University of Waikato,
Hamilton, NZ.

"Following the release of our recent analysis of open source code quality, we were amazed by the speed at which several open source communities responded to fix bugs in their code. The Amanda community was among the fastest to respond. Within one week all the identified bugs in Amanda had been fixed. It is clear that there is a both a highly skilled and passionate community committed to the long term quality of Amanda network backup software."

Ben Chelf,
CTO of Coverity.

"As MySQL gains widespread adoption and moves more broadly into the enterprise, ZRM for MySQL addresses the growing need among database administrators to protect their digital assets with a comprehensive backup and recovery solution. Zmanda is a valued member of MySQL's ecosystem, and their open source backup solutions are an excellent complement to MySQL's open source database offerings."

Marten Mickos,

"Zmanda is leveraging their expertise to provide solutions that address data backup issues throughout the enterprise. Backup and recovery software that meets the rigorous requirements of enterprise-class MySQL implementations has been sorely missed in the MySQL market. ZRM for MySQL fills this need with a low-cost package that will strengthen MySQL as a choice for business-critical enterprise applications."

Joshua Greenbaum,
Principal of Enterprise Applications Consulting.

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