Simplify Object-Based Backups Through OpenStack Swift

Zmanda incorporates the easiest and fastest object storage using OpenStack's Swift architectural framework. With enhanced backup, we enable scalable data storage through clusters of servers to store large amounts of structured/unstructured data. Zmanda lets you extend that simplicity to storing and retrieving petabyte-scale data, making it your reliable long term cloud storage solution.

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Combat Challenges Instantly

With largely scalable and dispersed nature, business environments using OpenStack often incorporate 1000+ VMs. Traditional and next-gen VMs co-exist within the same cloud with different storage requirements. To address these intricate difficulties, OpenStack offers an SLA-based protection solution with multiple tiers of access (from tenant to admin) that can quickly scale-out to meet the demands of a fast-growing enterprise data.


Effortless and Easy Deployment

We offer massive flexibility in deployment options. For OpenStack, Zmanda employs hot-add protection, making protection of additional proxies fast and simple, enabling you to meet your business goals effectively. We offer you a single management interface that consolidates all configuration, management, and reporting tools into a simple-to-operate portal, greatly reducing your administrative burden.

Benefits of Using OpenStack Swift

Agentless backups and restores

All you need to do is install the Virtual Server Agent on an OpenStack instance to act as a VSA proxy, enabling Zmadna to easily manage backup operations.

Incremental Data Protection

When your initial full backup is completed, you can execute ongoing incremental backups to encapsulate changes for the source instance.

Rapid Disaster Recovery

We replicate instances to a warm recovery site to ensure that instances are available in the event of a disaster or other outage.

Facilitate Restores

You can restore full instances or images, guest files and folders, or cinder volumes, and attach restored volumes to a different OpenStack instance.

Generate Reports

You can get an outlook of all the information about each backed-up instance, inclusive of details such as the size of the data and the guest operating system.

Customize Filters

To exclude instances from backups, Zmanda lets you make rules to filter instances.

Built On Trust

At Zmanda, every customer matters.

Zmanda guarantees end to end data integrity and easy storage. They provide fixes for our issues and respond very quickly every time.

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"Os backups são vitais, com equipes trabalhando em projetos complexos em recursos de nuvem híbrida. Zmanda oferece tranquilidade ao fazer backup de servidores, aplicativos, VMs, bancos de dados e processos de restauração contínuos."

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1 milhão
servidores sob backup

Auditorias abertas
Audits available through Amanda