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NDMP Option for Amanda Enterprise

High-performance, Scalable backups for Storage Appliances and Filers

The NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) Option for Amanda Enterprise enables high performance backup and recovery of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices such as NetApp Storage Systems and Sun ZFS Storage Appliances. NDMP allows backup data to be transported directly from the NAS device to the backup device without passing through the Amanda Enterprise server. This speeds up backups in many environments, thus reducing the backup window, as well as minimizing the demands placed on the corporate LAN.

NDMP Option diagram

This Option supports full and incremental backups using the NDMP protocol. Meta-data for the backup images is stored on the Amanda Server. Tape drives can be shared across multiple NDMP and non-NDMP backup sets. You can recover the entire filesystem or specific files from the backup images. All filesystem meta-data attributes, including UNIX and Windows file attributes, are maintained when backing up and recovering data using NDMP.

Zmanda Management Console provides a common policy manager for all your NDMP and non-NDMP backups. It also provides monitoring and reporting for NDMP based backups.

The Amanda Enterprise NDMP Option supports all three NDMP topologies:

Direct NDMP Data flows directly from the NAS device to the tape drive
Three-way NDMP
(aka Filer-to-Filer)
Data flows from the NAS device to a tape drive connected to another NAS device.
Remote NDMP Data flows through the Amanda Backup server to any media (tape, disk or cloud) supported by Amanda Enterprise.

Note that Encryption and Compression of NDMP based backup data is supported only in the Remote NDMP configuration.

System Requirements:

Storage Device (NAS) NetApp Storage Systems, Sun ZFS Storage Appliances, EMC Celerra NS Series, Isilon OneFS, BlueArc Mercury & Titan (NDMP v.4 support is required).
Tape Drives Direct or SAN attached to the NAS device. Must be supported by the NAS Operating System.
Backup Server OS All supported Linux distributions for Amanda Enterprise server.

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