Zmanda Launches First Enterprise Data Backup Solution for MySQL Cluster

ZRM for MySQL Now Supports the Demanding Data Backup Requirements of High Availability Applications

MYSQL CONFERENCE & EXPO, SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 24, 2007 – Zmanda™, the leader in open source backup and recovery software, today announced that its Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL the only comprehensive, enterprise-class backup and recovery solution designed specifically for MySQL ­now supports MySQL Cluster databases.  ZRM for MySQL Cluster Edition is the first backup and recovery solution designed for the stringent demands of MySQL Cluster and MySQL Cluster Carrier-Grade Edition, a real-time, shared-nothing clustered database system that has been specially designed to meet the high availability, scalability and low latency requirements of telecom applications.

Since ZRM for MySQL was introduced last fall, it has proven to dramatically increase MySQL DBA operational productivity and control,” said Chander Kant, Zmanda CEO. “We are pleased to now extend these benefits to the demands of MySQL Cluster applications, which are widely used in telecom and other environments where data availability is of critical importance."

In addition to ZRM, Zmanda also offers a robust, open source network backup solution called Amanda Enterprise. Launched at last year’s MySQL conference, Amanda Enterprise is a business-ready version of Amanda backup software that provides robust data backup functionality at a cost savings of up to 90 percent over proprietary solutions.

Zmanda has extended its partnership with MySQL AB by joining MySQL’s new MySQL MECA partner program, which MySQL launched today.

Marten Mickos, CEO at MySQL AB, commented: “Zmanda is filling an important need expressed by MySQL DBAs by delivering enterprise-grade solutions for backing up MySQL databases. The continued adoption of open source software in the enterprise is dependent on products such as these from Zmanda, and we look forward to continuing our alliance with them as part of our new MECA partner program.”

ZRM Gives MySQL DBAs Robust Backup and Recovery Functionality

An open source solution, ZRM for MySQL gives database administrators (DBAs) an easy, affordable and enterprise-grade solution for preventing the serious damage caused by data loss in the event of system or database failure or a user error.  Rather than being a traditional “plug-in” agent for a general network backup system, ZRM is an application-specific solution designed for the unique requirements of MySQL databases. 

ZRM provides enterprise-class functionality for MySQL DBAs, such as granular recovery capability, an automatic backup scheduler, reporting and monitoring. It also meets the requirements of the MySQL DBA with features such as MySQL storage engine awareness. ZRM can be used in local or remote configurations.

The new ZRM for MySQL Cluster Edition extends ZRM's backup functionality to the most demanding applications that require the high-availability and scalability of MySQL Cluster databases. The new ZRM for MySQL Cluster Edition includes:

  • Consolidated backup: ZRM consolidates backup data dispersed among all cluster nodes to a single system making it easier to recover data in case of emergency.
  • Single backup/recovery mechanism for any storage engine: ZRM provides a universal tool for backing up MySQL databases in a variety of configurations and ensures consistency for backup procedures and policies.
  • Robust backup management features: All ZRM features, including scheduling, compression, encryption, reporting, monitoring are now available to MySQL Cluster users, providing the first enterprise ready backup solution for MySQL Cluster.

ZRM for MySQL Availability

ZRM for MySQL is open source software, available today in an enterprise version and a community version.  ZRM for MySQL Cluster Edition is available today in an enterprise version, which is offered as part of a paid subscription to the Zmanda Network.  The enterprise version of ZRM includes certified and pre-compiled software, technical support, knowledgebase access, software updates and security alerts. The community version is available at no cost and can be downloaded at  For more information about ZRM for MySQL, please go to

About Zmanda

Zmanda was founded in September 2005 to bring the benefits of open source software to the data protection market. The company's flagship offering is the Zmanda Network, a suite of enterprise software and services based on the world's most popular open source data backup and recovery technology, Amanda. Zmanda is committed to enabling the widespread adoption of open source data protection solutions in the enterprise. Zmanda's corporate leadership includes veteran executives with experience in enterprise storage and open source software. The company's headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California. For more information about Zmanda, please go to

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