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Code freely available under BSD License

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Constant updates in the open to push innovation

Amanda an Award Winning Open Source Backup SoftwareAward-Winning
Multiple awards including: Linux Journal Readers' Choice Award


Our relentless pursuit of
innovation through open-source

Amanda community has delivered industry-first capabilities and world-class community support, producing countless loyal and satisfied customers across the globe. We have helped organizations navigate technological change for decades, while doing so in an open way.

Runs transparently from cron as needed.

Recovers gracefully from errors, including down or hung machines.

Reports results in detail, including all errors, via email.

Supports Kerberos 5 security, including encrypted dumps.

Amanda Backup | Amanda Open Source Backup

Amanda Community plugged in with Amanda Enterprise supports

Building trust through

Amanda Community has been at the heart of the open-source sandaran dan pemulihan community since 1991. From its inception, Amanda Community has been built natively for Linux following our developer ethos of the open-source. Amanda has a reputation for being a very flexible, secure, and trusted Linux backup and recovery solution, from physical to native clouds such as Amazon S3.

Linux Journal Award

Voted as the most reliable platform for Linux and UNIX users who are comfortable with a command-line interface.

Chosen by Millions

Amanda community is also available in Binaries form for most common operating systems and distributions.

BSD License

Amanda Community is available for anyone under the BSD License to review its processes, and report core issues.


Modern Backup & Recovery must-haves

Clock | Near Realtime RPO Amanda Backup Software

Near Realtime RPO

Near-zero RPO for virtualization systems helps you get your applications up-and-running within minutes. With Amanda, no disaster is too big, and you are always protected.

Pre Run Checker Program | Amanda Open Source Backup

Pre-run Checker Program

Amanda Community offers a Pre-run Checker Program that conducts sanity checks on both the tape server host and all the client hosts simultaneously. It also sends an e-mail report of any problems that could cause the backups to fail.

Amanda Comprehensive Data Backup and Storage Solution

Comprehensive Storage Options

Device API allows for easy integration with storage devices. Bundled drivers support tapes, virtual tapes on disk, DVD-RW, RAIT, and Amazon S3. The amvault function can then copy backups to removable media for off-site (D2D2T) or cloud storage (D2D2C).

Schedule Amanda Open Source Backup and Recovery Software

Backup Scheduling

Amanda’s unique approach to scheduling helps optimize backup loads across enterprise networks. Amanda community ensures data integrity while reducing manual interventions. It allows automated scheduling to back up large volumes of data.

Amanda Backup Normalization | Open Source Backup

Backup Normalization

Encryption on the client ensures the security of data in transit, while encryption on the backup server ensures the security of data at rest. Amanda supports up to 4096-bit keys with public-key cryptography as well as 256-bit AES encryption.

Amanda Data Backup Security | Data Protection

Keselamatan Data

Encryption on the client ensures the security of data in transit, while encryption on the backup server ensures the security of data at rest. Amanda supports up to 4096-bit keys with public-key cryptography as well as 256-bit AES encryption.

What the experts say

Dalam perniagaan hosting, pelanggan mempunyai harapan yang tinggi untuk servis dan waktu operasi dan jika anda tidak melaksanakan kontrak tersebut, mereka akan membawa perniagaan mereka ke tempat lain. Oleh itu, reputasi Zmanda di seluruh industri untuk menyediakan produk yang kukuh dengan perkhidmatan yang unggul adalah faktor utama dalam keputusan pembelian VeePee. Mereka telah menyediakan penyelesaian perlindungan data yang boleh dipercayai yang memberi kami keselamatan dan ketenangan untuk melaksanakan kontrak perkhidmatan kami dengan yakin.


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Hybrid Cloud Supported through Amanda Enterprise

Zmanda offers you unparalleled flexibility, performance, and ease of use across hybrid cloud configuration.


Robust features. Developed for your security.

Amanda community boasts robust encryption algorithms natively while also providing you the flexibility to switch to a proprietary algorithm if needed on the use case. Any encryption function capable of reading and writing from standard input/output can be easily integrated with Amanda. This flexibility allows Amanda to benefit from rapid advances in encryption technologies while giving the end-user maximum flexibility.

Multiple Encryption Points

Amanda allows for data encryption at every transmission point allowing secure transmission of data during backup runs. If backed up data being intercepted over an internal VPN were a concern, encrypting the data on the client would be the best recommendation.

Encryption using Hardware Accelerator Cards

One easy way to encrypt data in Amanda Community is to use a PCI-X or PCI-e based encryption accelerator board. A variety of such cards that securely store keys in the hardware are available. Hence, there is no need to write down a key or memorize a password, this also helps you mitigate data breaches due to lost passwords.

Amanda is available in
various forms

Sandaran Sumber Terbuka Amanda (Edisi Komuniti): Boleh dimuat turun dan digunakan oleh ratusan ribu laman web di seluruh dunia. Terdapat dalam bentuk binari untuk kebanyakan sistem operasi dan pengedaran. Kod sumber juga ada.

Edisi Amanda Enterprise: Edisi Amanda yang disokong dan dipertingkatkan sepenuhnya. Termasuk Konsol Pengurusan Zmanda - GUI lengkap untuk Amanda. Memberi sokongan untuk membuat sandaran aplikasi dan pangkalan data langsung.

Alat Sandaran Zmanda: A pre-configured virtual machine to backup an entire network of systems and applications, based on Amanda Enterprise.

Amanda Backup Support | Amanda Community Edition

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