Amanda Enterprise

Google Cloud Storage
  • Based on the most popular open source backup project in the world (Amanda)
  • Comprehensive network backup solution for Windows, Linux, OS X, & Solaris
  • Manage backup of hundreds of systems from single centralized console
  • Agents for backing up applications and databases (e.g. Oracle, VMware, PostgreSQL)
  • Backup to local/network drive, tape or Google Storage Cloud

Try Amanda Enteprise

  • Amanda Enterprise with Google Cloud Storage is available for production use and can be purchased immediately
  • We are offering a one month trial subscription to 1 x Amanda Enterprise server, 5 x Linux Clients (physical or virtual) and 1 x Google Cloud Storage option.

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Google Cloud Storage provides a robust and scalable vault for storing backup files and archives. Zmanda provides open source backup software integrated with open APIs provided by Google. This combination is a practical and economical cloud backup solution for small and medium sized businesses.
Martin Buhr,
Head of Technology Partnerships,
Google Cloud Platform
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