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Zmanda Open Source Backup, MySQL backup

Zmanda has taken a leadership role in enhancing Amanda, while fully subscribing to the open source development methodology and by providing collaborative tools like Wiki and Forum. Zmanda engineering provided tremendous help in releasing Amanda 2.5, a major milestone for the Amanda project that provides significant enhancements in security and scalability.
Jean-Louis Martineau,
Current Amanda community lead developer and project gatekeeper.

Amanda Community Builds and Patches

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Latest Community Builds and Patches

Community builds and patches for various releases of Amanda and ZRM for MySQL are provided here for the community to use. The notes column provides information on what fixes are available in the source tar ball. The source tar ball should be downloaded and compiled. The instructions to compile and install the source tar ball are available at the Amanda wiki. Windows installation package (.msi) can be downloaded by clicking right mouse button and choosing "Save Link as" menu item. The instructions to use ZRM for MySQL packages are available at MySQL backup wiki.

Please do not use these patches in production systems. These patches are usually included in the next release after exhaustive testing.


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