Zmanda “googles” cloud backup!

Today, we are thrilled to announce a new version of Zmanda Cloud  Backup (ZCB) that backs up to Google Cloud Storage. It feels great to support perhaps the first mainstream cloud storage service we were introduced to (via the breakthrough Gmail and other Google services) and considering the huge promise shown by Google’s cloud services, we are sure that this version will be very useful to many of our customers.

However, a new cloud storage partner explains only part of the excitement. 🙂 What makes this version more significant to us is its new packaging. As you may be aware, until now ZCB came only in a Pay-As-You-Go format and while this option has been great for our customers who value the flexibility offered by this model, we realized that there are our other customers (such as government agencies) who need a fixed amount to put down in their proposals and budget provisions. To put it differently – these customers would rather trade-off some of the flexibility for certainty.

So with these customers in mind, we chose to offer this ZCB version in the following prepaid usage quota based plans:

  • $75/year for 50 GB
  • $100/year for 100 GB
  • $1,000/year for 1000 GB
  • $10,000/year for 10000 GB

Note that the above GB values are the maximum size of data users can store on the cloud at any point in time. The prices above are inclusive of all costs of cloud storage and remain unaffected even if you wish to protect multiple (unlimited!) systems.

    So what are the benefits of this new pricing option? Here are some:

  • Budget friendly: Whether you are an IT manager submitting your annual IT budget for approval or a service provider vying for a client’s business, the all-inclusive yearly plans are a great option, one you can confidently put down in writing.
  • Cost effective: If you know your requirements well, this option turns out to be dramatically cost effective. Here is a rough comparison of our pricing with some other well-known providers:

    Zmanda Cloud Backup: The annual plan pricing for Google Cloud Storage version was used.
    MozyPro: Based on “Server Pass” option was chosen since ZCB protects Server applications at no extra cost.
    JungleDisk: Based on: Rackspace storage option was used since this was the only “all-inclusive” price option

  • More payment options: In addition to credit cards, this version supports a variety of payment options (such as Bank transfer, checks, etc.). So whether you are a government agency or an international firm, mode of payment is never going to be an issue.
  • Simplified billing and account management: Since this aspect is entirely handled by Zmanda, it is much easier and user friendly to manage your ZCB subscription. So no more hassles of updating your credit card information and no need of managing multiple accounts. When you need help, just write to a single email id (, or open a support case with us, and we will assist you with everything you may need assistance with.
  • Partner friendly: The direct result of all the above benefits is that reselling this ZCB version will be much more simplified and rewarding. If you are interested in learning more, do visit our new reseller page for more details.

So with all the great benefits above, do we still expect some customers to choose our current pay-as-you-go ZCB version for Amazon S3? Of course! As we said, if your needs are currently small or unpredictable, the flexibility of scaling up and down without committing to a long term plan is a sensible option. And the 70 GB free tier and volume discount tier offered on this ZCB version can keep your monthly costs very low.

Oh and I almost forgot – along with this version, we have also announced the availability of ZCB Global Dashboard, the web-interface to track usage and backup activity of multiple ZCB systems at a single place. If you have multiple ZCB systems in your environment or you are a reseller, it will be extra useful to you.

As we work on enhancing our ZCB solution more, please keep sending us your feedback at Much more is cooking with Cloud Backup at Zmanda. Will be with you with more exciting news soon!


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