Accelerate Amanda Backups with Hardware Boards

Amanda Enterprise uses plug-in model to enable different compression and encryption methods for backing up data. Amanda’s flexible configuration allows users to match compression/encryption method to the data being backed up. Compression of backup images reduces the network bandwidth as well as backup media space requirement. Backup encryption is essential for security of backup images.

Hardware compression and encryption cards provide significant advantages compared to software methods. Software methods use lot of CPU resources in the server or client depending on where the compression/encryption is performed. The hardware acceleration cards make the backups faster with a reduction in use of CPU resources.

Indra Networks, a leading developer of hardware accelerator cards for data compression and encryption, have integrated Amanda Enterprise with their hardware accelerator boards. A white paper describing how to use Amanda enterprise with hardware compression and encryption cards is available in Zmanda Network. The paper also provides backup performance measurements with the hardware acceleration cards.

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