Change the world? Our job is to keep the world the way it was.

One of the candidates for a marketing position (btw, we are looking for a very technical marketing talent, drop me a line at dj at zmanda dot com) asked me if Zmanda wants to change the world. The way I see it, our job is just opposite to changing the world. We want to keep the world the way it was. If your hardware dies or a user drops a table, we give you the ability to go back in time and to recover your file with Amanda Enterprise or your MySQL database with Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM).

How do we actually accomplish going back in time? Are we talking here about super-expensive and complicated Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technologies? Our solution delivers the same result, but without the cost and complexity of CDP. ZRM incremental backups result in a copy of the MySQL binary log being flushed to disk. This log can be used to restore the database to its original condition in any point in time between two valid backups. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could go back in time and pinpoint the exact time or the transaction to which you want to restore your database? We provided this capability via the command line interface before, but the recently released ZRM 2.0 makes it very easy to identify the Recovery Point Objective, right in the Management Console, by way of the Database Events Analyzer.

The Database Event Analyzer allows you to select a binary log and view its contents. The date and time of all database activities and events are shown as individual records. You can easily scroll through the entries. Of course, there may be tens of thousands of entries or more in the log. Using Google-like search syntax you can easily query for events and actions to help you locate specific items to identify activity that impacted or even damaged your database. Your Recovery Point Objective could be very specific — down to the transaction level. You can even set the Recovery Point right from the log analyzer making going back in time and recovering the database very simple.

Here is a short (7 minutes) demo of Zmanda Management Console for MySQL backup.

Management Console for MySQL backup
Dmitri Joukovski

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