Configuring Amanda for Parallel Backups

Recently on the Zmanda forums a user posted an interesting question. They had received a lot of help to configure their environment, and had successfully run backups. However, the backups were not completing in the time frame they expected. They knew that they wanted to run as many backups in parallel, but weren’t quite sure how to achieve this.

It just so happens that concurrent with this I was working on a white paper that addresses this topic. It turns out that there are several parameters and settings in Amanda that control parallel backups. These parameters and settings must all work in concert to achieve parallel backups. Getting even one of them incorrect can cause Amanda to run your backups sequentially. In summary the parameters are:

  • How much holding disk is available.
  • The estimated network bandwidth you want Amanda to use.
  • The Zmanda Management Console parameter Parallel Backups, which is stored as the inparallel parameter in amanda.conf.
  • The Zmanda Management Console parameter Parallel Backups (clients), which is stored as the maxdumps parameter in amanda.conf.

To access the white paper log in to, or register (for free) on, the Zmanda Network. The white paper can be found in the Documents -> white papers section.

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