New ideas and users’ requirements for backup of MySQL

The MySQL User’s Conference provides very fertile environment for new ideas. For example, last year we came to the conference with a conviction to build a MySQL agent for our Amanda Enterprise backup and recovery software. However, after talking to many MySQL users about their backup needs we got convinced that stand-alone solution optimized for MySQL DBAs was a better way to go, and that is how Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL was conceived.

This year we received a lot of insightful feedback and suggestions from MySQL users and our customers. Special thanks to MySQL engineering and product management for providing their perspective. Here are the major takeaways for us, the MySQL backup guys:

  • Back up the MySQL server configuration files when you do backup of the database — that will simplify recovery to a different server or to the same server back in time.
  • Provide verification of backups — users have backups, but not so many DBAs test their backups.
  • Predictive reporting will help. For example, based on historical data, alert the user that in 2 months he will start missing his backup window.
  • MySQL log analyzer to identify points of interest from backup & recovery perspective, e.g. pinpoint when a user dropped a table.
  • Auditing of MySQL backup operations, for example, alert the DBA that 2 of his recently installed MySQL servers don’t have any backups.
  • Bare metal recovery of MySQL server and databases.

Our engineering is already looking how to implement these and many other ideas. Tell us about your backup requirements for MySQL by posting on our forums
Dmitri Joukovski

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