Open Source “Unconference” in India

On Saturday, 24th March ’07, Open Source “Unconference” was held at Mumbai, India.

It was great learning experience for everyone and a good event to network with MySQL users and developers in India. K. K. George, the project leader for open source Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL, gave a talk about MySQL backup and recovery. Zmanda Recovery Manager is Zmanda’s MySQL backup and recovery project that has become quite popular with MySQL administrators. It has scheduling, reporting and monitoring functionalities for MySQL databases. In addition, it can do incremental backups and can also parse the complex binary log files of MySQL dump. Remote MySQL server backup is also supported through SSH and socket options. There was lot of participation and interest from the audience and we got more ideas to enhance the project feature set. India is increasingly becoming a hot market for MySQL and web portals, so this product stands a chance to make it big over here.

Another interesting session was MySQL database tuning. The talk placed emphasis on the importance of using techniques like normalization, datatype selection, query logs to achieve space and performance enhancement.

I was happy to see a community “Open Source Unconference” in India and hope to actively participate in more. Of course, Zmanda is in look out for good engineers to join our MySQL team in Pune and Sunnyvale. If you are interested, please see Zmanda jobs page.

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