Amanda Rapid Installer

Two days ago, we announced Amanda Enterprise Edition 2.6. One of the
key features of the release is Zmanda Management Console – a simple,
secure and easy to use interface for Amanda. Zmanda Management Console
allows users to configure and administer Amanda backups, restore from
Amanda backup archives, and provides reports.

In addition to Zmanda Management Console, Amanda Enterprise Edition
2.6 includes Amanda Rapid Installer. Amanda Rapid Installer makes the
installation of Amanda Enterprise Edition and Zmanda Management
Console a simple process. Users just need to download the common binary for all
supported platforms from the Zmanda Network, run the installer, answer
few questions, and the installer launches Zmanda Management Console in
a browser.

Amanda Rapid Installer installs all necessary dependencies
such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl for the platform and does not impact
any existing installations of these software. We used BitRock‘s stack and
expertise to develop the Rapid Installer.

Amanda Rapid Installer is one of the key tools in our goal to make all
aspects of Amanda use simpler. For a demo of Amanda Rapid Installer, click here.

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