Backup and recovery of the remote MySQL server with ZRM

We just published a technical document about what to consider for backup and recovery of the remote MySQL server, for example, when your online forums and wiki are located at managed hosting service provider.

For any database backup the primary considerations are the consistency of the backup and impact on users and applications. A backup of the remote MySQL, however, has extra challenges related to:

  • network usage
  • security, and
  • flexibility of recoverability of MySQL data to a different host.

We discuss the trade-offs to consider, and describe how to use Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for several common scenarios. For example, we provide HOWTO for a use case when you want to ensure security of backup data on the wire and at rest.

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  1. […] Next week, backup experts from Zmanda, will present a webinar on how you can use ZRM for MySQL to backup you MySQL server remotely over the internet. If you are a ISP or host your own site, you would want to attend this webinar. For that matter, the infromation will be useful for any MySQL dba. This is a technical seminar where we will go through step by step of actually implementing the solution. We already published a detailed white paper on this topic. You can get to that white paper by registering with Zmanda Network. […]