To err is Human…..

DBA’s working in environments where MySQL database is for production critical applications are constantly pushed to their limits. Database Users and DBA’s are humans too. So, a dropped table here or a misconstrued MySQL statement there is not out of ordinary. Recovering from these kinds of user errors is extremely vital to production databases. Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL, is a good way to recover from user errors. Consider this example – You [DBA] find out that an user has made an unforced error which is affecting your production database. You further find out that this has happened in the last half hour. Lucky for you, you use ZRM for MySQL in your environment to make nightly backups. You spring into action! You first verify that a nightly backup was run. You then make an incremental backup now. Using ZRM for MySQL, you identify the point at which the user initiated error occurred. You then proceed to recover from your previous full backup and then from your incremental backup, till before the user error happened. The database is restored, the application is happy and the user most likely thanked you at the Turkey table:-)

A “How To” on selective point in time recovery can be found here

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