OpenSolaris is a big step forward if you want to step back in time

This week Zmanda was invited to participate in the launch of OpenSolaris 2008.11. In his interview Chander Kant, CEO of Zmanda, explained why OpenSolaris is a big step forward from backup and recovery perspective both as a data source for backup and as a repository for backup images.

OpenSolarisThe advanced snapshot capabilities of ZFS enables fast and scalable backups for today’s most demanding workloads for servers and easy to use data protection for workstations. For example, the new Time Slider feature in OpenSolaris provides an automatic way to backup your data on the local disk with intuitive browsing and recovering of files from snapshots using the GNOME file manager. That is great, but what if you loose your local disk? Considering that Time Slider does not support network attached disk yet, you might be in danger of loosing your data. By integrating Amanda Enterprise with Time Slider, we will provide advanced media management for backing up to disk, tape and storage cloud, and centralized administration of snapshots for multiple workstations running Time Slider.

One the server side, OpenSolaris provides an excellent platform for backup to disk. One of the biggest challenges of backup to disk is capacity management. It doesn’t matter how much capacity you have when you start backing up to disk. Sooner or later you will run out of it. Ease of provisioning of ZFS volumes is welcome by backup practitioners because you can add more disk capacity while your backups are running!

The combination of Zmanda backup solutions with Sun’s innovative OpenSolaris operating system, including the advanced ZFS file system, creates one of the most advanced backup-to-disk offerings available on the market today. The best part is you can build such a solution at the price point that will not break your budget. We are also working on getting Amanda and ZRM into OpenSolaris repositories.

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