ZRM 2.1: Storage snapshots as backups

We released  ZRM for MySQL 2.1 Community Edition today.  ZRM 2.1 includes the ability to treat snapshots as backup images. ZRM has supported backup of MySQL databases using storage snapshots using a plugin interface. LVM (Logical Volume Manager) and Solaris ZFS snapshots are supported plugins in the ZRM Community Edition.
MySQL administrator can perform regular backups (backup images are stored in the ZRM server) or quick backups (snapshots acting as backup images). Quick backups have smaller backup windows and do not consume network bandwidth. When MySQL database is stored on one or more ZFS filesystems, users can do multiple quick backups in a day (even once every hour) and convert one quick backup image to a regular backup image. This schedule provides better recoverability and also reduces the resource consumption.

ZRM for MySQL source packages and binary packages for Linux and Solaris are available here. A whitepaper that describes how to quickly install and configure ZRM 2.1 is available at Zmanda network (free registration).

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