Amanda Backup to Tape Library

Over the years Amanda has added lots of media choices to store backup archives: SAN, NAS, Amazon S3 etc. But tapes remain one of the most popular destination. Gavin, who blogs under a to-the-point title “I Do Linux”, has written a detailed how-to on installing and configuring Amanda with Tape Libraries. He has two setups: One setup (which backs up over a terabyte of Maildir for 3000 users) has Amanda backing up to a Spectra Logic T50 LTO2 tape library, containing 5 magazines/terapacks and 50 tape slots. Second setup (which backs up 4TB of research data for over 100 users) has Amanda backup archives going to a Dell PowerVault TL2000 LTO4 tape library, containing 2 magazines and 23 tape slots.

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