Vyatta: From Homegrown Backup Scripts to Amanda Enterprise

VyattaVyatta has rocked the networking world by developing the first commercially supported, open source router and firewall solution. Ambitions of changing the rules of the game of a huge industry, come with very critical data – which doubles in size every year! They also come with a very heterogeneous environment: Fedora, Debian, Red Hat, and Ubuntu – well, as long as it is a Linux distro 🙂

Vyatta recognized the need for a formal backup solution to replace the homegrown backup scripts, and chose Amanda Enterprise. Amanda backs up terabytes of Vyatta’s data spread across web sites, e-mail server, source-code repository, databases, and user files. Here is the full story.

Interview with Ray Zhu (Senior IT Manager at Vyatta) about his experience with Zmanda was published  in Inc. Magazine in December. Here are some interesting excerpts:

“We did not have a commercial solution before. We were a startup and, in the beginning, someone developed a script for backing up that supported Linux. As we grew, we realized we needed to have something more scalable. Before, every time we had to add a new server, we had to have a developer write a new script. We needed to have something more manageable. “

“We went with Zmanda because it met the criteria. It supports all the flavors of Linux. It’s got a beautiful GUI interface. And it’s able to recover in a few hours. The results have been beautiful. We have nothing to complain about. What I need to do is once in a while look at the dashboard. If it is red, then something is missing. If it’s green, then it’s working. Now when we add a new machine, I can just go the Web-based GUI and type the server host name, which directory we need to back up on and which schedule. The interface is designed in an intuitive way based on what we want to back up and to where and when we want to back up. We have done quite a few tests and we’ve recovered all the machines each time. “

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