Three C of Oracle backup: Cost, Complexity and Control

Backup continues to be a challenge for Oracle DBAs. That message was repeated again and again by attendees of OracleWorld in San Francisco last week.

The DBAs consistently bring up three challenges of Oracle backup: Cost, Complexity and Control

For many organizations the Oracle modules for Veritas NetBackup and Legato NetWorker are out of reach because of high cost. According to Sun ‘s online store, the list price for NetBackup Oracle module running on a Solaris server with 2 CPUs is $7,500. What if you have multiple Oracle servers to backup? This can add up very quickly.

To avoid paying unreasonable licensing and maintenance fees for NetBackup and Legato, many DBAs write their own RMAN scripts. RMAN is a well documented tool and it seems relatively easy to write a few lines to schedule backup of a single database. However, over time the script gets more complicated, configurations and requirements change, a DBA who wrote the original script gets promoted and moves to another group … and you are stuck trying to figure out when was the last successful backup and how to get your data back.

Who do you depend on to get your data back? In most organizations the roles of DBA and backup administrators are separate. You, as a DBA are paid to protect Oracle data, but often times you have to ask the backup guys to get your data back. The lack of control could be even worse. As soon as your organization starts using NetBackup (or any other backup that keeps data in proprietary formats), your data becomes hostage to Veritas software. You can never recover your own Oracle or any other backups unless you continue paying Veritas.

If you face any of the challenges above, check out Amanda Enterprise for backup of Oracle. For a low cost you will get an easy to use solution that provides you with a full control over Oracle backups and recoveries.

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