Oracle: Protected by Zmanda!

We announced support for Oracle today. Specifically, Amanda Enterprise now protects:

  • Oracle 11g on Windows
  • Oracle 10g and 11g on Linux and Solaris
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux

On Linux and Solaris, we took the approach of integrating Amanda with RMAN. Keeping with Amanda’s philosophy of using native tools as closely as possible, we allow Oracle DBAs to perform recovery right from within Oracle Enterprise Manager. Amanda takes care of restoring all files needed for a DBA to perform recovery specific to their need (e.g. table level recovery or point-in-time recovery).

For Windows, on recommendation from backup experts at Oracle, we integrated with their new VSS writer. This enables us to take quick snapshot of Oracle and basically have no processing overhead on Oracle for bulk of the backup process (i.e. actual movement of data).

We also added Oracle Enterprise Linux as one of the Linux distributions that we support. Now our Linux backup list reads: Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, OpenSUSE and Oracle Enterprise Linux.

Oracle DBAs now benefit from open formats (relieving them of costly vendor lock-in) and ease of use of Amanda. Of course, they benefit from huge cost savings offered by Amanda Enterprise – in many cases one-fifth the cost of other solutions. In addition, for the first time, they can backup their databases directly to the Amazon S3 storage, combining backup and disaster recovery in one step.

At Zmanda our strategy is to continue to stretch our umbrella to protect more and more platforms and applications. Supporting Oracle is a major step in this direction.

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