Backward Compatible Keystone-based OpenStack Swift

In a previous blog, we proposed a method to enable Cyberduck to work with Keystone-based Swift, which is to upgrade java-cloudfiles API to 2.0 in Cyberduck. We received lot of feedback on it, and we appreciate hearing your feedback. Today, we move one step forward and propose a more reliable and straightforward way to make your older Swift clients, such as Cyberduck, work with Keystone-based Swift.

The high-level idea of this new method is to add v1.0 authentication middleware in Keystone, while keeping the client, in this case Cyberduck, unchanged. Thanks to AlexYangYu for providing the v1.0 enabled Keystone code base;  it’s available at:

In case you still want to use your own version of Keystone, rather than removing it and using the Keystone from above location, you need to follow the steps below:

First, add the following files to your existing Keystone code base:

Then, after incorporating the middleware to support v1.0 authentication in Keystone, you need to recompile and install the modified Keystone code base.

Next, change the keystone configuration file (/etc/keystone/keystone.conf) as follows (bold lines highlight the differences from the default keystone.conf)

use = egg:Paste#urlmap
/v2.0 = public_api
/v1.0 = public_api_v1
/ = public_version_api
pipeline = protocol_converter token_auth admin_token_auth xml_body json_body debug  ec2_extension public_service
paste.filter_factory = keystone.contrib.protocol_converter:ProtocolConverter.factory

Finally, you need to restart the keystone service.

To do this on the client side, you follow the standard configuration procedures traditionally used with v1.0 authentication. For Cyberduck, you can follow the steps here to set the Authenticate Context Path (ch.sudo.cyberduck cf.authentication.context /auth/v1.0).

We have verified this method on both PC and Mac platforms with the latest version of Cyberduck and other v1.0 authentication based Swift clients.

If you are thinking of putting together a storage cloud, we would love to discuss your challenges and share our observations. Please drop us a note at

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