Poll of MySQL Quickpolls

MySQL Quickpolls might be insightful for people who develop products and services for MySQL. Recently I was looking again at “How do you backup your production database” poll. To interpret the results, I wanted to know who are the people answering that and other Quickpolls. Are they the DBAs responsible for running MySQL in production or the developers writing applications that use MySQL? For a backup guy like me knowing that makes a difference.

Every Quickpoll gets a time stamp when opened and tells how many people answered the poll. It occurred to me that the normalized number of people (MySQL polls run for different periods of time) answering each poll could give me some insight. The graph below shows the daily number of people answering each poll in the last 24 months.

MySQL QuickPolls in the last 24 months
Of course, I understand there could be self-selection in answering the polls. For example, the DBAs could be more likely to answer “operational” questions and developers could be more likely to answer the questions relevant to them. However, I still think that the size of the horizontal blue bar is a proxy for relative interest for each poll.

Well, it seems that it is mostly the developers who are answering Quickpolls.The question that generated most interest was the one about primary programming language for MySQL applications. The question about backup was number three by relative interest, but it was only 20% of the most interesting (programming language) question.

Interestingly, the respondents were much more interested in sharing what type of hardware they consider for MySQL server vs. what type of storage they use for MySQL data. I am sure that with MySQL moving up and playing even more significant role for mission critical applications, more people will understand the importance of underlying storage such as Sun Thumper with ZFS, NetApp etc for building scalable and high-performance MySQL implementations.
Dmitri Joukovski

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